1. fossa
    pit, cavity, depression in bone
  2. spine (of a bone)
    backbone like structure- ridge
  3. acromion
    outward end of the spine of the scapula
  4. tubercle
    small rounded projection or excrescence, on a bone or surface of body (nodule)
  5. process
    outgrowth or projection
  6. cavity
    hollow space w/in a bone
  7. tuberosity
    rough projection of a bone, for attachment of a muscle
  8. condyle
    smooth surface area at the end of a bone, forming part of the joint
  9. foramen
    an opening, orifice, or short passage (hole) in bone
  10. epicondyle
    rounded protuberance at the end of a bone, place of attachment for ligaments tendons and muscles
  11. capitulum
    knoblike part
  12. fovea
    small pit or depression (small fossa)
  13. groove
    long narrow indentation in a surface (channel)
  14. trochlea
    bony or cartilaginous part w/ a grooved surface over which a bone, tendon, etc may slid/articulate
  15. olecranon
    part of the ulna beyond the elbow joint
  16. ligament
    fibrous band of tissue connect bone-bone
  17. tendon
    fibrous band of tissue connect muscle- bone
  18. epiphysis
    part of bone separated from main body of bone by a layer of cartilage (growth plate)
  19. eminence
    elevation or projection
  20. incisura
    notch, cleft or fissure
  21. notch
    v-shaped indentation
  22. trochanter
    rough prominence/process at upper part of the femur for muscle attachment
  23. ridge
    raised or elevated part
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