1. Name the 3 methods of obtaining a digital image?
    • direct digital imaging
    • indirect digital imaging
    • storage phosphor imaging
  2. What are the 3 essential components of a direct digital imaging system?
    • x-ray machine
    • intraoral sensor
    • computer monitor
  3. What type of digital imaging is being described?...
    A sensor is placed in the mouth and exposed to x-rays, it captures the radiographic image and transmits it to the computer monitor, and then appears on the computer screen within seconds.
    Direct Digital imaging
  4. What are the 2 essential components of an indirect digital imaging system?
    • CCD camera
    • computer
  5. What type of digital imaging is being described?....
    An existing x-ray film is digitized using a CCD camera, the CCD camera scans the image, digitizes it, and then displays it on the computer monitor, it is similar to scanning an image such as a photo to a computer screen.
    Indirect Digital Imaging system
  6. Why is indirect digital imaging inferior to direct digital imaging?
    because the resultant image of indirect is similar to a copy of the images versus the original
  7. A wireless digital radiography system that uses a reusable imaging plate coated with phosphors instead of a sensor with a fiber optic cable
    storage phosphor imaging
  8. true or false. The phosphor coated plates are flexible and fit into the mouth much like an intraoral film. It is also similar to an intensifying screen used to expose an extraoral film because it converts x-ray energy into light
    both statements are true
  9. Records diagnostic data on plates following exposure to the x-ray source and then uses a high-speed scanner to convert the information into electronic files
    Storage phosphor imaging
  10. What is the type of digital imaging described?....
    After exposure the plate is removed from the mouth and placed into an electric processor where a laser scans the plate and produces an image that is transferred to a computer screen.
    storage phosphor imaging
  11. Are there any chemicals used in storage phosphor image processing?
  12. Why is storage phosphor imaging less rapid than digital imaging?
    because of the laser scanning step
  13. What is the step-by-step procedure for digital imaging?
    you just follow the manufacturer's instructions
  14. Why is the digital sensor covered by a disposable barrier?
    it cannot be sterilized
  15. What holds the digital sensor in the mouth and stabilize it? And what is the best aiming technique for digital radiography?
    • bite attachments and film holders
    • paralleling technique
  16. Is superior gray-scale an advantage or disadvantage? Why?
    • advantage
    • it uses 256 colors of gray compared to 16-25 used in a conventional film
    • it provides the ability to manipulate contrast and density on a radiograph without additional exposure to the pt
  17. Reduced x-radiation exposure time is an advantage of digital radiography, what does this decreased exposure result from? And how much less radiation is required?
    • the sensitivity of the CCD
    • 50-80% less than what is required for conventional film
  18. What is one advantage of digital radiography that is a compelling reason for the growing popularity of this technology?
    increased speed of image viewing
  19. How does digital radiography lower equipment and film cost? (an advantage of digital radiography)
    it eliminates the need to purchase conventional film, processing equipment and solutions, no dark room is needed, and environmental problems are reduced
  20. true or false, and advantage of digital radiography is increased efficiency.
  21. true or false, enhancement of diagnostic image is an advantage of digital radiography because colorization and zoom features allow users to highlight conditions and can use digital subtraction
  22. Why is digital radiography an effective patient education tool? (an advantage)
    because patients can view the film on the operator, which is much larger in size than the conventional film
  23. List 5 disadvantages of digital radiography
    • initial set-up costs
    • image quality
    • sensor size
    • infection control
    • legal issue
  24. What is the initial cost of digital imaging system estimated at?
    $10,000 dollars
  25. Why are legal issues a disadvantage for digital radiography?
    because original digital images can be manipulated, it is debated whether or not they can be used in law suits
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