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  1. What is a MEL
    Minimun Equiptment List
  2. What is FMGS
    Flight Management and Guidance system
  3. What is an RIE
    A rectification interval extension
  4. What is a ILS
    instrument Landing System
  5. What is GPS
    Global Positioning System
  6. What is GPWS
    Ground Proximity Warning system
  7. What is IRS
    The Inertial Reference System

    A self contained aircraft nav system
  8. What is a DDO
    A design deviation order

    A doc for deferring damage to an aircraft for an extended period before perminant repair
  9. What is an ADD
    Acceptable Deffered defect
  10. what is a MMEL
    Master Minimum Equipment List
  11. What is a CDL
    Configuration Deviation List
  12. What is a ring laser gyro
    A component of the IRS considting of a laser beam that senses rotation
  13. What are thrust reversers
    Devices on the engines which deflect the flow of exhaust gases to help brake the aeroplane during landing
  14. What is a transponder
    An avionic system that transmits coded information from an aeroplane
  15. What is an engine bleed
    Air piped away from the engine compressor to various parts of the airframe to prevent or remove the buildup of ice
  16. What is an Air con pack
    An air conditioning system used to supply heating and pressurization.
  17. What is a BCL
    Battery charge limiter
  18. What is an IDG
    Integrated Drive Generator

    One on each engine to provide A?C electrical power
  19. What is CIDS
    Cabin intercommunication Data System
  20. What is an ELAC
    Elevator Aileron Computer
  21. What is a SEC
    Spoiler Elevator Computer
  22. What is a FAC
    Flight Augmentation Computer
  23. What is a RAT
    Ram Air Turbine
  24. What is a DFDR
    Digital flight data recorder
  25. What is a CVR
    Cockpit voice Recorder
  26. What is a RADALT
    Radio Altimeter
  27. What is an E-CK
    Equalised Check every 600 hours or 60 days
  28. What is an ops sig defect
    A defect that can cause restricted use of an aircraft
  29. What is EOBT
    Estimated Off Block Time
  30. What are the OOOI times transmitted by ACARS
    Out Off On In
  31. What is EASA
    European Aviation Safety Agency
  32. What is a RAD
    Route Availabilty document
  33. What is RFF
    Rescue and fire cat
  34. What is RNAV
    Area Naviation
  35. What is RVSM
    Reduced Vertical Separation Minima
  36. What is MNPS
    Minimum Navigation Performance Specification
  37. What are IFR
    Instrument flight rules
  38. What are VFR
    Visual Flight Rules
  39. What is a NOTAM
    Notice to Airmen
  40. What is V1
    The decision speed on the take off run
  41. What is V2
    The take off safety speed
  42. what is VR
    The speed at which the pilot pulls back on the control stick
  43. What is Vlof
    The speed at which the aeroplane lifts of the runway
  44. What is a TA
    A traffic advisory from ACARS
  45. What is a NDB
    Non directional beacon
  46. What is a VOR
    VHF Omni-directional range beacon
  47. What is primary radar
    a system relying on reflected radio energy to detect and plot the position of an aircraft
  48. What is SSR
    Secondary surviellence radar
  49. What is ACARS
    Aircraft Communications and Addressing and reporting system
  50. What is ANO
    Air Navigation Order
  51. What is a FIR
    Flight Information Region
  52. What is CFMU
    Central Flow Management Unit
  53. What is the IFPS
    Integrated Initial Flightplan Processing System
  54. What is Vmbe
    The speed above which brakes cant absorb all the energy required to stop the aeroplane in a rejected takeoff
  55. What is Vmca
    The minimun control speed in the air
  56. What is Vmcg
    The minimun control speed on the ground
  57. MTOW
    Max Take Off Weight
  58. MTW
    Max Taxi Weight
  59. MZFW
    Max Zero Fuel Weight
  60. MLW
    Max Landing Weight
  61. RTOW
    Regulated Take Off Weight
  62. TODA
    Take Off Distance Available
  63. TORA
    Take Off Run Available
  64. LDA
    Landing Distance Available
  65. Vref
    The reference landing speed
  66. Vat
    Target Threshold Speed
  67. WAT
    Weight Altitude and Temperature limit on RTOW
  68. SID
    Standard Instrument Departure
  69. STAR
    Standard Arrival Route
  70. MSA
    Minimum Sector Altitude
  71. DA
    Decision Altitude
  72. MDA (MDH)
    Minimum Decent Altitude/Height
  73. What is a precision approach
    An instrument approach which has azimuth and glidepath indication
  74. What is a non precision approach
    An instrument approach with azimuth but no glide path information
  75. What is an airway
    A control area in the form of a corridor normally 5 nm wide usually connecting TMA's
  76. What is a ATZ
    Air Traffic Zone - An area of defined dimensions around an aerodrome to protect its traffic
  77. What is a CTR
    A control Zone

    An area of defined dimensions with its base on the surface.
  78. What is a CTA
    A control Area

    an area of defined dimensions with its base at a definded height altitude or flight level
  79. What is QFE
    The observed atmospheric pressure at an aerodrome. Altimeter will read 0 when on the ground at an aerodrome. Expressed in MBAR Hpa INHG
  80. What is QNH
    QFE corrected to mean sea level using ISA Lapse Rates
  81. What is a TMA
    Terminal Manoeuvering Area

    Controlled airspace usually surrounding one or more busy airports
  82. What is a HMU
    Hydro-Mechanical Unit

    A device that controls the fuel and air flow in a jet engine
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