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  1. how is diagnosis of ARDS made:
    • history
    • chest xray
    • abgs
    • hemodynamic values
  2. physical features of ARDS (5)
    • inc work of breathing
    • dyspnea
    • tachypnea
    • tachycardia
    • cough
  3. b/s of ARDS
    • crackles
    • bronchial
  4. typical arterial blood gas results seen in varying stages of ARDS
    • refractory hypoxemia
    • resp alkalosis initially
    • progressing to resp acidosis
  5. hemodynamic values seen in pt w/ ards
    • normal pcwp
    • elevated pap
  6. fi02 maintain pa02 of atleast
    60 mmhg
  7. t/f use vent modes of low vt and high rr
  8. dilates blood vessels in only those luung segments that are actively participating in gas exchange at the alveolar-cap level
    nitric oxide
  9. nitric oxide decreased
    v/q mismatching
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