Eng Vocab Cards #12

  1. Amnesty
    n. An official pardon for a group of people who have violated the law.
  2. Amoral
    adj. Neither moral nor immoral
  3. Amorous
    adj. Feeling loving
  4. Amorphous
    adj. Shapeless; without form
  5. Anecdote
    n. A short account of a humorous or revealing incident
  6. Animosity
    n. Resentment; hatred
  7. Anomaly
    n. Irregularity
  8. Antecedent
    n. Someone or something that went before
  9. Antipathy
    n. Firm dislike
  10. Antithesis
    n. The direct opposite
  11. Aphorism
    n. A brief often witty saying; a proverb
  12. Apocalypse
    n. A prophetic revelation, especially concerning the end of the world
  13. Apocryphal
    n. Fictitious; spurious; False
  14. Apotheosis
    n. Elevation to divine status (hint: theo means god)
  15. Appease
    v. To satisfy; to pacify
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Eng Vocab Cards #12
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