1. What is coronary heart disease? How do you get it?
    Narrowed coronary arteries.

    • Can be from:
    • HTN
    • Smoking
    • Age
    • High LDL cholesterol
    • History
    • DM
  2. What is angina pectoris? What can cause?
    Acute pain in chest due to coronary heart disease.

    physical activity or mental stress (anger, fright...)
  3. What can you do to treat angina pectoris?
    Use nitrates.
  4. What are nitrates? How do they work? When do you use them? What do you have to look out for?
    Nitrates releases NO to relax smooth muscle. dilate. relax.

    Use with: HTN, angina symptoms, MI,

    Look out for: don't use with viagra, hypotension bc of the vasodilation and headache.
  5. Why does the patient need a "nitrate free" night?
    Patient will develop a tolerance. They don't need the nitrate when sleeping so don't give it then.
  6. How do you treat chronic stable angina?
    BB are first. If not, CCBs.
  7. What's the deal with oral nitrates?
    Patients can develop a tolerance. No addtl benefit and not as efffective as BB or CCBs.
  8. How do you treat MI?

    • Morphine
    • Oxy
    • Nitrates
    • Aspirin

    What else can you do to treat MI?

    • Antiplatelet
    • Anticoagulation
    • Thrombolytics
  9. What is Prinzmetal Angina? What do you do to treat it?
    Spasms of coronary arteries. unpredicatble. happens during rest or early morning. Not affected by mood, stress or exertion. Use non-dhp CCBs.
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