Vocab 5

  1. Abate (v)
    to decrease or lessen

    Ex: I waited for my mom's anger to abate before asking her again.
  2. Abdicate (v)
    to renounce or give up

    Ex: He chose to abdicate his CEO position because he realize the mistakes he made.
  3. Autonomy (n)

    Ex: They gain their autonomy after beating their rivals.
  4. Abstruse (adj)
    profound or difficult to understand

    Ex: the class lectures were abstruse that students tend to avoid it.
  5. Abysmal (adj)
    bottomless or outrageous (neg. meaning)

    Ex: Our teacher was disappointment with students' abysmal tests score.
  6. Acclaim (v)
    to announce with great approval

    Ex: They cheered loudly to acclaim the new king.
  7. Accolade (n)
    an award of merit or value

    Ex: She received an accolade for her hard work.
  8. Acme (n)
    the top or pinnacle

    Ex: The empire was at the acme of their power until they were invaded.
  9. Acquiesce (v)
    to give in or to agree passively

    Ex: I didn't to do my chores but i acquiesced so I won't get grounded.
  10. Admonish (v)
    to warn or to scold

    Ex: My mom admonished me for failing a class.
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