Art test 2

  1. abstract
    distorted or simplified form of artistic expression.
  2. achromatic
    "without color" neutrals such as black grey and white.
  3. aesthetic
    philosophy of beauty
  4. balance
    the feeling of equalibrium
  5. biomorphic shapes
    shapes that are irregular found in organic life
  6. collage
    a composition made of various kinds of materials.
  7. composition
    organizing all elements into a harmoniously unified whole
  8. content
    essential meaning of an art form or work
  9. contrast
    diversity of objects by variations in color, emotion, tone, shape, etc
  10. elements of art
    line, shape, value, texture, form and color
  11. figure/ ground
    the act of seeing the object from its background (black and white fish)
  12. form
    works materials, style and composition
  13. geometric shapes
    shape composed of lines and archs
  14. gestalt theory
    parts can be viewed individualy, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  15. mass
    illusion solid body of matter
  16. media
    the materials a work is made of
  17. motif
    dominant recurring theme or element in a work
  18. narrative art
    subject matter of art that tells a story
  19. nonobjective
    visual signs are completely imaginary and not what the artist has seen
  20. picture plane
    the actual flat plane and artist executes
  21. pigments
    coloring matter used to create the effect of color
  22. proportion
    comparision of elements by size and quality
  23. rectilinear shape
    shape whos boudaries are lines
  24. rhythm
    repetition of elements
  25. unity
    the whole or total effect of the work
  26. principles of design (10)
    • harmony
    • variety
    • balance
    • proportion
    • dominance
    • movement
    • economy
    • surprise
    • grouping
    • unity
  27. artistic balances
    radial, approximate, asymmetrical, and symmetrical
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