1. Diffusion Hint: moves molecules from...
    A type of passive transport in cell where molecules move from areas where that are more of them to areas where there is less of them
  2. Active Transport Hint: Takes Energy
    Energy requiring process that transports proteins through a cell membrane
  3. Osmosis Hint: Passive Transport
    Passive transport that occurs when water diffuses through a cell membrane
  4. Photosynthesis Hint: light
    Process where plants and other producers use light to produce sugar for energy
  5. Enzyme
    a type of protein that regulates nearly all cell activities
  6. Endocytosis
    process by which a cell takes in a substance by surrounding it with a cell membrane
  7. Metabolism
    the total of all chemical reactions in an organism
  8. Exocytosis
    process by which vessicles release their contents outside the cell
  9. Passisve Transport
    movement of substances through a cell membrane without the use of cellular energy
  10. Mixture
    a combination of substances in which the individual substances do not change
  11. Respiration
    process by which consumers and producers release stored energy from food molecules
  12. Organic Compound
    compounds that always contain hydrogen and carbon
  13. Inorganic Compound
    compound such as h2o, that is made from elements other than carbon and whose atoms usually can be arranged in only one structure
  14. Fermantation
    process by which oxygen - lacking and some one celled organisms release small amounts of energy from glucose molecules and produce wastes such as alchonal, carbon dioxide, and lactic acid
  15. Equilibrium
    occurs when molecules of a substance are spread evenly throughout another substance
  16. Matter
    anything that takes up space and has mass
  17. Atoms
    protons, electrons, neutrons
  18. Element
    substance made up of one type of atom
  19. Compound
    Ionic compounds, molecular compounds
  20. Molecular
    when atoms share the outermost electrons
  21. Ionic
    electric charged atom
  22. Ionic compound
    formed when opposite charged atoms affect each other
  23. Solution
    2 or more substances mixed evenly
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