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  1. American Association for the Advancement of Science
    The institution that heard Douglas N.C. Lin’s presentation on planetary formation
  2. Carnegie Institution
    A scientific research organization in Washington, D.C.
  3. Civil Conservation Corps
    An agency that employed 3 million young men in planting trees, building reservoirs, and other public works projects; also known as CCC
  4. Deep-Sea Drilling Program
    A program founded in the United States in the 1960s to learn more about the rocks of the ocean floor
  5. Department of Agriculture
    Government agency that oversaw the Soil Conservation Service
  6. Drought Relief Service
    One of the government agencies formed between 1933 and 1935
  7. Emergency Relief Appropriation Act
    One of the government agencies formed between 1933 and 1935; oversaw the Works Progress Administration
  8. Farm Security Administration
    One of the government agencies formed between 1933 and 1935
  9. Geological Society of America
    The agency that publishes GSA Today
  10. Harvard University
    A prestigious university in Massachusetts
  11. Land Utilization Program
    One of the government agencies formed between 1933 and 1935
  12. Lick Observatory
    An observatory at the University of California, Santa Cruz
  13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    A university in Massachusetts known for its scientific and technical programs
  14. NASA’s Earth Science Enterprise
    The agency that funded Siegfried Schubert’s research into ocean temperatures and climate patterns
  15. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
    The agency that examined how ocean temperatures relate to droughts
  16. NASA’s Seasonal-to-Interannual Prediction Project
    A program designed to chart different aspects of historical climates; also known as NSIPP
  17. Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Modern name of the Soil Conservation Service
  18. New Deal
    A series of programs designed to provide economic relief during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl
  19. Ocean Drilling Program
    Modern name for the Deep-Sea Drilling Program
  20. Resettlement Administration
    One of the government agencies formed between 1933 and 1935
  21. Royal Society of Edinburgh
    Heard James Hutton’s first presentation of the rock cycle
  22. Soil Conservation Act
    A law passed on Black Sunday that created the Soil Conservation Service
  23. Soil Conservation Service
    The agency that examined 20 of the counties hit worst by the Dust Bowl; also known as SCS
  24. Taylor Grazing Act
    Allowed the federal government to seize 140 million acres of land for restoration and conservation
  25. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    The agency that noticed the issues in the San Joaquin Valley in 18983
  26. U.S. Geological Survey
    A common employer for national geologists; also known as USGS
  27. United Nations
    The international agency that predicts world population could reach 12.5 billion by 2050
  28. University of Arizona
    A university in Tucson, Arizona
  29. University of California, Santa Cruz
    Home of the Lick Observatory
  30. University of Minnesota
    A university located in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  31. University of Nebraska
    A university located in Omaha, Nebraska
  32. Works Progress Administration
    Part of the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act; employed 8.5 million Americans in construction jobs; also known as WPA
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SQ inst & gov prgrm
SQ inst & gov prgrm