SQ events

  1. Black blizzard
    Another name for a dust storm
  2. Black Sunday
    A dust storm struck Washington, D.C., prompting the passage of some legislation
  3. Bronze Age
    The era when the global population reached 200,000; involved humans mastering the use and purification of metals
  4. Dust Bowl
    A period of drought and wind erosion in the United State’s Great Plains in the 1930s
  5. Great Depression
    A period of economic struggles in the 1930s
  6. Gros Ventre landslide
    A landslide in Wyoming that was triggered by downhill bedding patterns
  7. Hope Mountain landslides
    Landslides that were triggered by earthquakes in British Columbia, covering Canada’s Highway 3
  8. Industrialization
    An economic development that led to a skyrocketing population
  9. La Niña
    An atmospheric-oceanic phenomenon that lowers ocean surface temperatures
  10. Middle Ages
    The era when the global population doubled from that of the Bronze Age
  11. Sturzstorm
    A landslide moving billions of cubic feet of material
  12. World War I
    A global conflict that triggered growth in the agricultural sector
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