psych ch 3

  1. neurons are
  2. Nerve cells specialized for communication
  3. neurons differ from other cells b/c
  4. because they have branches that receive information from other neurons.
  5. the recieving parts of neurons are called
  6. dendrites....
    • recieve signals and are a tree like features on the neurons
    • and they pass information from neurons to the cell body
  7. the cell body is also known as the.....
  8. the cell body contains...
    energy for the cell to remain alive
  9. the cell body is also responisble for.....
    getting information form the dendrite and passing it down to the axon
  10. axons are.....
    and are located by
    • extentions responsible for sending msgs.
    • and are located by the cell body
  11. axon terminals contain....
    • neuro transmitters
    • synaptic vesicles travel down the terminal and release neurotransmitters
  12. __________ cells are the supporting roles
    gial cells
  13. gial cells.....
    • protect the cell
    • responds to injury and cleans debris
  14. gial cells form a _________ that blocks highly charged cells from entering the brain
    blood brain
  15. when a neuron is at resting state.....
    the negative charges remain higher than the outside neurons. this is called resting potential
  16. ______ is an electricial impulse that travels down the axon and allows neruons to communicate
    action potentials
  17. neurons contain and are sourrounded by ___. which are positevly prouduced with_______
    • ions
    • substances that dissolve in water
  18. ions outiside the cell are.....
    are positevly charged with sodium
  19. ions inside the cell are.....
    negativly charged with protien and negativly chargewd with potassium
  20. the nervous stsyem is a_____ for information
  21. the the central nervous system contains_____ _______
    the brain and the spinal cord
  22. the peripherial nervous ststem controls_____
  23. the automatic nervous system helps us_________
    experience and express emotions and is invoulentary
  24. what sensory system helps us experience and express emotions?
    the sutomatic nervous system
  25. our brains signal the movement for walking touch etc. but our ______ exicutes them all
    somatic sensory system
  26. the parasympathetic system maintains__________
    body functions
  27. Frontal lobe contains and is responsible for
  28. Contains the motor cortex
    Responsible for motor function language and memory
  29. pre frontal cortext
  30. Responsible for thinking planning and too.
  31. the parial lobe
    specializes in touch and perception
  32. the lymbic system is the _______ center
    emotional center and also plays a role in smell motivation and memory
  33. the hypthalamus is responsible for
    maintaining a constant internal state< ie regulates body tempurature.
  34. an expample of what the hypothalamus does
    will cause the body to sweat if you are hot.
  35. the amygdala is responsible for
    fear and excitement and arousal
  36. the cingulated cortext becomes active when we_______ and also contributes to______
    • express our emotions.
    • social behaviour
  37. the _____ gland is the master gland
    pitutary gland
  38. the pituitary gland regulates _______
    other glands by letting off hormones that trigger other hormones to work ie. growth hormones.
  39. gial cells ____ neurons together
  40. neurons are powered by
  41. what is the myelin sheath?
    a series of cells that blocks ion movements. it helps the sysyem go from node to node
  42. neuro t
  43. neurotransmitter: acetycholine
    stimulates muscel contractions
  44. neurotransmitter: dopamine
    gives us smoothe movements
  45. too little of dopamine =
    too much =
    • adhd
    • skits
  46. dopamine is found around ______
    muscel transmitters
  47. norepine is associated with
    stress and attention
  48. gamma a acid is
    a tranquilizer
  49. serotonin is associated with
    meomory, learning and mood
  50. lobes of the brain: the frontal lobe is responsible for
    functions and helps us choose b/w whats right and wrong. helps us see similarites and takes care of us
  51. what part of the brain is most developed?
    the forbrain
  52. the thalamus....
    relay station for the sensory information collects everything except fot smell
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