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  1. What is auricle?
    outer ear (funnels sound waves)
  2. What is the outer ear called?
  3. what is the auditory canal?
    passage way from the auricle to the ear drum
  4. what is the ear drum?
    membrans that vibrates when sond waves strike it
  5. hammer anvil stirrup
    • 3 tiney bones in the middle ear
    • hamer hits the anivil wich nails right throgh the stirrup
  6. cochlea
    takes message or impulses of sound to the hearing center of brain(hearing nerve)
  8. semicircular canals
    part of ear that helps maintain balance
  9. 4 tastes
    sweet sour salty bitter
  10. ol factory nerve
    (take impulses or message to smelling center of the brain)
  11. what hapens when you touch something
    receptor cells in the skin send impulses along sensory nerves to your spinal cord then relays the impulses to the touch center in your brain.
  12. What is the iris?
    Colored part of the eye
  13. What is the pupil?
    opening in the center of the iris
  14. What is the lens?
    part of the eye that focuses light rays on the retina
  15. What is the retina?
    back part of the eye that contains rods (black and white) and cones (color)
  16. What color do rods see?
    black and white
  17. What is the optic nerve?
    • seeing nerve
    • sends impulses to vision center of the brain
  18. What is the seeing nerve called?
    Optic nerve
  19. What is the smelling nerve called?
    Olfactory nerve
  20. What is a cornea?
    colorless cover ocer the pupil and iris
  21. What is the response to changes in the body?
    internal stimuli
  22. Complex, voluntary act that results from memory and association is called what?
    learned behavior
  23. What are receptors?
    collect information and sen it to the brain
  24. What are the three parts of the nervous system?
    brain, spinal cords and nerves
  25. What are neurons?
    They are perifial nervous system contorols you ability to see, hear, taste, touch and think.
  26. What is a dendrite?
    It is a nerve fiber that carries messages to the cell body
  27. What is an axon?
    a nerve fiber that carries messages away from the cell body
  28. What is a synapse?
    The gap between the neurons
  29. What are impulses?
    An electric signal
  30. What are three kinds of neurons?
    • Sensory
    • Motor
    • Associative
  31. What do sensory neurons do?
    a nerve cell that picks up stimuli and send impulses produced by the stimuli to the brain
  32. What is stimulous?
    Anything that causes a response?
  33. What is motor neuron?
    A nerve cell that carries commands from the brain and spinal cord to the muscle and glands
  34. What are associate neurons?
    a nerve cell that passs impulses from the sensory to the motor neurons
  35. What is the spinal cord?
    The biggest and thickest bundle of nerves cells in the body (31 pairs of large nerves)
  36. What is a reflex?
    • an automatic response to protect you
    • sensory--> spinal cord--> motor (associative)
  37. What are the three parts of the brain?
    • cerebrum
    • cerebelum
    • brain stem
  38. What is the cerebrum?
    The largest part, the right and left hemisphere (right side of your brain controls the left side of body and vice versa)
  39. What is the cerebelm?
    It controls coordination and balance
  40. What is the brain stem (or medulla)?
    • involuntary functions (lower parts)
    • breathing, heat beat, digestion, etc.
  41. What do you have a birth?
    You have 100 billion neurons
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