Explorer Questions

  1. Names of Explorers who made Voyage to New World
    • Amerigo Vespucci
    • Christopher Columbus
    • John Cabot
    • Vasco Nunez De Balboa
  2. What factors caused Europeans to search new trade routes to Asia?
    • Bad weather
    • Illness
    • Theives on Silk Road
    • Turks captures Constantinople and blocked trade became expensive
  3. Why did Kings & Queens sponsor voyages?
    They thought it would bring wealth and power
  4. Why did people set out to explore the New World?
    To claim land and resources in the Americas
  5. What was the Counter Reformation?
    To go against Protestant Reformation and change beliefs to Catholic Religion
  6. Why did Explorers start traveling from South America to North America?
    To look for a water route to the Pacific Ocean then onto Asia
  7. What present day cities were first claimed by explorers from the Netherlands?
    New York & Albany
  8. Why did people try to claim land around water?
    • This allowed them to use ships to move people and supplies
    • Access fish and other food resources
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