Substance Abuse

  1. THREE FACTORS as to why people are the most successful at quiting smoking
    • how addicted to nicotine they are
    • how closely they are able to follow their own plan for quitting
    • how MUCH they personally want to quit
  2. cold turkey
    term given to a person that stops smoking (or any other habit) all at once
  3. Hypnosis
    a person is given a suggestion not to smoke while under hypnosis
  4. nictoine patch
    • absorbed through skink
    • avoid ets or childred
    • skin irritaion heacache nausea sizziness upste stomach
  5. nictoine gum
    • 9-12 six weeks
    • 6-8 seven to eight weeks
    • 3-5 ten to twelve weeks
  6. Nictoine Overdose
    nausea, blurred vision, vomitting, scoots, dizziness, weakness, rapid eartbeat, sleep distrubances, drooling
  7. Zyban
    • prescription medication to assist in stopping smoking
    • anitdepressant-saw as Wellburtin
  8. Active Drug in Marijuana
  9. marijuana is ____ solubale. it is therefore stored in the ____ and ____. traces of it therefore will be found in the body for up to a month or longer
    • fat
    • brain
    • reprodcutive oragns (gonades)
  10. short term side effects from marijuana
    memory and learning problems, distorted perception, difficulty thinkng a solving probelems, loss of motot coordniation and increaseheart rate. if mixed effect intensifies
  11. longer term effects of Mary J
    gynecomastia if before puberty sperm probelms and infertility
  12. gynecomastia
    enlarged breasts in male
  13. Amotivational Syndrome
    lack of willnigness to carry out long term plans, follow routines, mast new material. child like, magical thinking
  14. Cocaine Medical and Legal Classifications
    • m-stimulant
    • l-narcotic
  15. euphoria
    extreme elation and sense of confidence
  16. perforated septum
    in nose
  17. neuro transmitters
    carry messages from nerve cell to nerve cell
  18. Dopamine-Major neroun
    regualtes mood and body movements is unable to return to its home cell;therefore it keeps stimulatin the receiving nerve
  19. Anhedonia
    pleasure center in the brain becomes exhaured causing anhedonia
  20. corticosteroids
    produced y outer part of teh adrenal gland;these do NOT build muscles; used in treament of sever health issures
  21. anabolic steroids
    • build muscel tissue
    • masculinize a person
  22. anabolic
    growth of muscle tissue
  23. adrogenic
    masculzing affect
  24. stacking
    mixing several types of steroids
  25. pyramiding b
    building up and down of steroid use in eight week intervals
  26. megarexic
    distorted body image, never big enough
  27. androstenedione
    sex steroid hormone0converts to testosteron; responsible for liver dama and stokes
  28. creatine
    amino acids
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