Grasshopper Dissection Quiz

  1. The Grasshopper belongs in what kingdom?
  2. The grasshopper belongs in what Phylum?
  3. The grasshopper belongs in what class?
  4. What are the three main body parts of an insect?
    • head
    • thorax
    • abdomen
  5. Name the major parts of the grasshopper's head
    • 1 pair of antennae
    • 1 pair of compound eyes
  6. Name the major parts of the grasshopper's thorax.
    • 2 pairs of wings
    • 3 pairs of legs
  7. Name the major parts of the grasshopper's circulatory system and tell what they do.
    heart + some blood vessels - moves blood

    blood flows out and bathes the organs before collecting in the sinuses
  8. Describe the grasshopper's respiratory system.
    tracheal system - branched tubes throughout the body

    tubes open to air through spinacles (tiny holes) along the side of the body
  9. Describe the grasshopper's nervous system.
    2 ventral nerve cords join in the head to form the brain
  10. Tell the major parts of the grasshopper's digestive system and what they do.
    • mandibles - jaws used for biting plants
    • crop - holds food
    • gastric caecum - the stomach, which breaks down food
    • intestine - absorbs nutrients
    • rectum & anus - releases solid waste
  11. Describe the grasshopper's reproductive system.
    ovipositor - a body part in both males and females for fertilizing and laying eggs
  12. What is the difference between simple and compound eyes?
    • simple - see light and dark
    • compound - lots of little eyes that see everything
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