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  1. apathy
    lack of feeling or emotion
  2. deign
    <i wouldn't even deign to talk to him>
    to condescend reluctantly and with a strong sense of one's superiority
  3. apartheid
    racial segregation
  4. empathy
    <His months spent researching prison life gave him greaterempathy towards convicts.>
    the action of understanding
  5. disparate
    containing or made up of different and often incongruous elements
  6. dissuade
    to advise (a person) against something
  7. disdain

    <He looked at his enemy with disdain>
    a feeling of contempt for someone or something

    to look on with scorn
  8. anachronism

    <The old sword was an anachronism for modern warfare>
    a chronologicalmisplacing of persons, events, objects, or customs in regard to each other
  9. amorphous

    lacking a definite shape
  10. pathos

    < when air bud goes to the ice cream guy i feel an element of pathos to the kid>
    an element in experience or in artistic representation evoking pity or compassion
  11. amoral
    neither moral nor immoral
  12. antipathy

    < i have antipathy for women that attempt to play sports.>
    opposition in feeling
  13. disparity
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