Muscular System

  1. Muscle tissue that is involuntary
    • cardiac muscle
    • smooth muscle
  2. Muscle tissue that consists of single very long, cylindrical multinucleate cells with very obvious striations is
    skeletal muscle
  3. what connective tissue surrounds an individual muscle cell
  4. What are the 4 functions of the muscular system?
    • maintaining posture
    • generates heat
    • movement
    • stabalizing joints
  5. What is composed of myosin?
    thick filaments
  6. What is the order of a fasicle from largest to smallest
    fascicle, fiber, myofibril, myofilament
  7. *The mechanical force of contraction is generated by...
    sliding of thin filaments past thick ones
  8. the striations of a skeletal muscle cell are produced for the most part by
    the arrangement of myofilaments
  9. the insertion of the gluteus maximus is the
  10. to produce horizontal wrinkles in the forehead, which of the following muscles is involved
    the frontalis
  11. What muscle is involved in crossing one leg over the other while in a sitting position
    the sartorius
  12. What compresses the abdomen?
    • external oblique
    • rectus abdominis
    • latissimus dorsi
    • internal oblique
  13. *A muscle located on the dorsal side of the body is the
    rectus abdominus
  14. a muscle group that works with and assists the action of a prime mover is a
  15. in flexing the forearm, at the elbow, the
    triceps brachii acts as an antagonist
  16. *Which of the following is the action of the orbicularis oris?
    closes, purses, and protrudes the lips
  17. *Paralysis of what would make an individual unable to flex the thigh
    iliopsoas and recus femoris
  18. *Which muscle is involved in abduction?
    triceps branchii
  19. *Wchich muscle flexes the thigh on the hip
    peroneus muscles
  20. While doing jumping jacks during an exercise class your arms and legs move away from the midline of your body. this is
  21. only ____ muscles are multinucleated
  22. only _______ muscle cells branch
  23. muscle is often attached to bone by strong cordlike structures called
  24. the end of the muscle that moves when a muscle contracts is called the
  25. The movement that is commonly seen in a ball and socket joint is
  26. *The ___ is a powerful forearm extendor
  27. *the ____ runs deep to the external oblique
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