week 11

  1. Whorled or opp. leaves: big, entire, slightly pubescent
    long capsule fruit w/ winged seeds
    Image Upload 1Image Upload 2
    • Catalpa speciosa (showy)
    • Bignoniaceae; catalpa
    • *Fruit: capsule
    • formerly used for fence posts
    • cultivated for catalpa worms for fish bait
  2. thick opp. leaves, lobed w/ teeth!
    pubImage Upload 3escent petioleImage Upload 4
    Oakleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) Snow Queen
    • Hydrangea quercifolia (oak-leaved)
    • Saxifragaceae; oakleaf hydrangea
    • fruit: capsule
    • "Saxifrage Family"
    • native to Gulf Coast
  3. opp. shiny evergreen leaves folded along midrib
    translucent margin
    Glossy Privet (Ligustrum lucidum)
    • Ligustrum lucidum (shining)
    • Oleaceae; glossy privet
    • fruit: drupe
    • native to china
    • used for screening, but invasive along Gulf coast
    • songbirds
  4. bamboo
    leaf edge no as sharp as other
    Image Upload 5
    • Phyllostachys aurea (golden)
    • Poaceae; yellow bamboo
    • fruit: caryopsis
    • native to Asia
    • sprouts fromj rizomes
    • monocarpic = flower once and die
  5. warty bark
    smaller, crooked tree
    dryer sites
    leaves shorter, fatter, always serrated
    Dwarf Hackberry (Celtis tenuifolia)Dwarf Hackberry (Celtis tenuifolia)
    • Celtis tenuifolia (thin-leaved)
    • Ulmaceae; dwarf hackberry
    • fruit: drupe
  6. Vine/twining shrub
    opp. evergreen leaves elliptical, entire, glabrous
    Image Upload 6Image Upload 7Image Upload 8
    • Gelsemium sempervirens (evergreen)
    • Loganiaceae; jasmine
    • fruit: capsule
    • poisonous to humans
  7. spiky young foliage
    scaly mature foliage completely covers twig
    Eastern Redcedar (Juniperus virginiana)Eastern Redcedar (Juniperus virginiana)
    • Juniperus virginiana (of VA)
    • Cupressaceae; eastern redcedar, juniper
    • *Cone: peltate, FLESHY
    • Red heartwood used for chests, closets, pet bedding, novelties
    • female cone used to flavor gin
    • dioecious
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