Ch. 18 Obstetrics

  1. afterbirth
    placenta, amnion, chorion, some amniotic fluid, blood and blood clots expelled from the uterus after childbirth
  2. amnion
    inner of the two membrane layers that surround and contain the fetus and amniotic fluid during pregnancy
  3. amniotic fluid
    liquid produced by and contained within the fetal membranes during pregnancy
  4. ballottement
    technique of using the examiner's finger to tap agaisnt the uterus, though the vagina, to cause the fetus to "bounce" within the amniotic fluid and feeling it rebound quickly
  5. cerclage
    suturing the cervix to keep it from dilating prematrually during the pregnancy
  6. Chadwick's sign
    bluish-violet hue of the cervix and vagina after approximately the sixth week of pregnancy
  7. chloasma
    mask of pregnancy
    patches of tan or borwn pigmentation associated with pregnancy occurring mostly on the foehead, cheeks, and nose
  8. chorion
    outer of the two membrane layers that surroiund and contain the fetus and amniotic fluid
  9. colostrum
    thin, yellowish fluid secreted by the breasts during pregnancy and the frist few days after birth, before lactation begins
  10. Doppler
    technique used in ultrasound imaging to monitor the behavior of a moving structure such as flowing blood or beating heart
  11. eclampsia
    most severe form of hypertension during pregnancy, evidenced by seizures (convulsions)
  12. effacement
    thinning of the cervix, which alow sit to enlarge the diameter of its opening in prepartion for childbirth
  13. episiotomy
    surigcal procedure in which an incision is made into the woman's perineum to enlarge the vaginal opening for delivery of the baby
  14. fetoscope
    speical stethoscope for hearing the fetal heartbeat through the mother's abdomen
  15. Goodell's sign
    softening of the uterine cervix, a probable sign of pregnancy
  16. Graafian follicles
    mature, fully devleoped ovarian cyst containing the ripe ovum
  17. gravida
    woman who is pregnant
  18. Hegar's sign
    softening of the lower segment of the uterus
  19. hyperpigmentation
    increase in pigmentaiton of the skin
  20. lactiferous ducts
    channels or narrow tubular structures that carry milk from lobes of each breast to the nipple
  21. leukorrhea
    white discharge from the vagina
  22. lightening
    settling of the fetal head into the pelvis, occurring a few weeks prior to th eonset of labor
  23. linea nigra
    darkened vertical midline appearing on the abdomen of a pregnant woman, extending from teh fundus to the symphysis pubis
  24. lithotomy position
    patient lies on ehr back, buttocks even with the end of the table, knees bent back toward her abdomen and heel of each foot resting in an elevated foot rest at the end of hte examination table
  25. lunar month
    four weeks or 28 days
  26. multipara
    woman who has given birth two or more times after 20 weeks' gestation
  27. Nagele's rule
    formula is sued to calcualte the date of birth; subract three months from the first day fo the last normal menstural period and add one year and seven days to tha tdate to arrive at the estimated date of birth
  28. nullipara
    woman who has never completed a pregnancy beyond 20 weeks' gestation
  29. para
    woman who had produced an infant regardless of whether the infant was alive or stillborn
  30. parturition
    act of giving birth
  31. preeclampsia
    state during pregnancy in which the expectant mother develops high blood pressure, accompained by proteinuria or edema, or both after 20 weeks' gestation
  32. primigravida
    woman who is pregnant for the first time
  33. primipara
    woman who has given birth for the first time after a pregnancy of at least 20 weeks' gestation
  34. proteinuria
    presence of protein (albumin) in urine
  35. pyrosis
    heartburn, indigestion
  36. quickening
    first feelign of movement of the fetus felt by the expectant mother; usually occurs about 16 to 20 week's gestation
  37. salpingectomy
    surgical removal of a fallopian tube
  38. striae gravidarum
    stretch marks that occur during pregnancy due to the great amount of stretching that occurs
  39. transvaginal ultrasonography
    ultrasound produced by inserting a transvaginal probe into the vagina
  40. ultrasonography
    a noninvasive procedure that involves the use of reflected sound waves to detect the presence of the embryo or fetus
  41. varicose veins
    twisted, swollen viens that occur as a result of the blod pooling in the legs
  42. abruptio placenta
    premature separation of a normally implanted placenta from the uterine wall after the pregnancy has passed 20 weeks' gestation or during labor
  43. HELLP syndrome
    acronym HELLP stands from hemolytic anemia, elevated liver enzyemes and low platelet count
  44. hydatidiform mole
    abnormal condition that begins as a pregnancy and deviates from normal development very early
  45. hyperemesis gravidarum
    anbormal condition of pregnancy characterized by severe vomiting that resutls in maternal dehydration and weigh loss
  46. incompetent cervix
    condition in which the cervical os (opening) dilates before the fetus reaches term, withouth labor or uterine contractions
  47. placenta previa
    condition of preganncy placenta is implanted in the lower part of hte uterus and preceds the fetus during the birthing process
  48. Rh incompatibility
    incompatibility between an Rh negative mother's blood with her Rh positive baby's blod causing the mother's body to develop antibodies that will destroy the Rh positive blood
  49. bloody show
    vaginal discharge tha tis a mixture of thick mucus and pink or dark brown blood; few weeks prior to labor
  50. increased vaginal discharge
    when the baby settles into the pelvis prior to the onste of labor, pressure of the baby's head in teh area creates congestions of the vaginal mucosa, whihc results in an increase in clear, nonirritating vaginal secretions
  51. lightening
    expectant mother will notice that she can breathe easier because the decent of the baby relieves some of the pressure from her diaphragm - baby dropped
  52. AFP screening
    alpha-fetoprotein is a serum screening test for birht defects such as spina bifida, Down syndrome, and trisomy 18
  53. chronic villus sampling
    chronic villus sampling (CVS) is a prenatal diagnostic test performed in the first trimester of pregnancy to detect chromosomal abnormalities in an unborn child
  54. contraction stress test
    oxytocin challenge test
    stress test used to evaluate the ability of the fetus to tolerate the stress of labor and delivery
  55. fetal monitoring (electronic)
    use of electronic device to monitor the fetal heart rate and teh meternal uterine contractions
  56. first trimester screening
    blood test and ultrasound to identify pregnancies at risk for birth defects
  57. nipple sitmulation test
    noninvasive technique that produces basically the same results as the contraction stress test by having the pregnant woman stimualte the nipples of her breast by rubbing them between her fingers
  58. pregnancy testing
    tests performed on maternal urine and/or blood to determine the presence of the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)
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