Ch. 17 Female Reproductive System

  1. adnexa
    tissues or structures in the body that are next to or near another
  2. Bartholin's glands
    two small, mucus-secreting glands located on the posterior and lateral aspects of the entrance to the vagina
  3. climacteric
    cessation of menstruation
  4. coitus
    sexual intercourse
    sexual union of two people of the opposite sex in whch the penis is introduced into the vagina
  5. corpus luteum
    yellowish mass that forms within the ruptured ovarian follicle after ovulation, ocntaining high levles of progesterone and some estrogen
  6. cul-de-sac
    pouch located between the uterus and rectum within the peritoneal cavity
  7. fourchette
    tense band of mucous membranes at the posterior rim of the vaginal opening - point at which labia minora connect
  8. gamete
    mature sperm or ovum
  9. graafian follicles
    mature, fully developed ovarian cyst containing the ripe ovum
  10. lumpectomy
    surical removal of only the tumor and the immediate adjacent breast tissue
  11. mastectomy
    • surgical removal of the breast as a treatment method for breast cancer;
    • simple - breast only
    • modified radical - breast plus lymph nodes in ailla
    • radical - breast, lymph nodes, and chest muscles on affected side
  12. mastitis
    inflammation of the breast
  13. meatus
    opening or tunnle through any part of the body
  14. menarche
    onsent of menstruation
  15. menorrhea
    menstural flow
  16. orifice
    entrance or outlet of any body cavity
  17. progesterone
    secreted by corpus luteum and placeneta - responsible for changes in the endometrium in anticipation of a fertilized ovum and development of the maternal placenta after implantation of a fertilized ovum
  18. vulva
    external genitalia that consists of the mons pubis, labia majora, clitoris, labia minora, vestibule, urinary meatus, vaginal orifice, Bartholin's glands, and perineum
  19. amenorrhea
    absence of menstrual flow
  20. menorrhagia
    abnormally long or very heavy menstural periods
  21. metrorrhagia
    uterine bleeding at times other than the mestural period
  22. oligomenorrhea
    abnormally light or infrequent mensturation
  23. Depo-Provera injection
    contraception adminstered intramuscularly, approximately once every 12 weeks
  24. intrauterine
    small, plastic T-shaped object with strings attached to the leg of the T. instered into the uterus, through the vagina and remains in place in the uterus
  25. tubal ligation
    surgically cutting and tying of the fallopian tubes
  26. micro-insert system
    alternative to tubal ligation that provides bilateral occulusion of the fallopian tubes by inserting a soft, flexible micro-insert into each fallopian tube
  27. cervicitis
    acute or chronic inflammation of the uterine cervix
  28. cystocele
    herniation or downward protrusion of the urinary bladder through the wall of the vagina
  29. endometriosis
    presence and growth of endometrial tissue in areas outside the endometrium
  30. fibrocystic breast disease
    presence of single or multiple fluid-filled cysts that are palpable in the breast
  31. fiborid tumor
    benign, fibrous tumor of the uterus
  32. leiomyoma
    benign, smooth-muscle tumor of the uterus
  33. pelvic inflammatory disease
    infection of the fallopian tubes
  34. urinary stress incontinence
    inability to hold urine when the bladder is stressed by sneezing, coughin, laughing or lifting
  35. vaginitis
    inflammaiton of the vagina and vulva
  36. aspiration biopsy
    invasive procedure in which a needle is insereted into an area of the body such as a breast, to withdraw a tissue or fluid sample for microscopic examination and diagnosis
  37. colposcopy
    visual examination of the vagina and cervix with a colposcope
  38. cone biopsy
    surgical removal of a cone-shaped segment of the cervix for diagnosis or treatmetn
  39. culdocentesis
    surgical puncture through the posterior wall of the vagina into the cul-de-sac to withdraw intraperitoneal fluid for examination
  40. dilation and curttage
    dilation or widening of the cervical canal with a dialotr, followed by scrapping of the uterine with a curet
  41. hysterosalpingography
    x-ray of the uterus and the fallopian tubes by injecting a contrast material into these structures
  42. laparoscopy
    process of viewing the abdominal cavity with a laprascope
  43. loop electrosurgical excission procedure
    procedure used to remove abnormal cells from the surface of the cervix using a thin wire loop that acts like a scalpel
  44. Papanicolaou (Pap) smaer
    dianostic test for cervical cancer
  45. liquid-based Pap
    process of collecting a tisue sample from the endocervix and the exocervix with a sampling device that is placed directly into a liquid fixative instead of being spread into a glass slide
  46. perlvimetry
    process of measuring the female pelvis, manually or by X-ray, to determine its adequacy for childbearing
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