CH12 - CNET Key Terms

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  1. Recording selected events or actions for later review. _____ can help establish patterns and not changes in those patterns that might signal trouble.
  2. A backup type that copies all selected files without marking files as backed up.
    Copy backup
  3. A certain part of an object that tracks an aspect of its behavior. For example, the processor object has _____ such as % Processor Time and Interupts/sec.
  4. A backup type that copies all files modified on the day of the backup; this type doesn't mark files as backed up.
    Daily backup
  5. Special groups created during installation in a windows environment that have preassigned rights.
    Default groups
  6. A backup type that copies all files modified since the last normal backup; this type doesn't mark files as backed up.
    Differential backup
  7. A fault-tolerant disk config in which data is written to two hard drives, each with its own disk controller, so that if one disk fails, the data remains accessible.
    Disk duplexing
  8. A fault-tolerant disk config in which data is written to two hard drives rather than one so that if one disk fails, the data remains accessible.
    Disk mirroring
  9. A fault-tolerant disk config in which parts of several physical disks are linked in an array, and data and parity info is written to all disks in this array. If one disk fails, the data can be reconstructed from the parity information written on the others.
    Disk striping with parity
  10. Groups defined in a windows domain that are used to assign permissions and rights to resources throughout the domain.
    Domain local groups
  11. A windows server 2000/2003 tool that records events in three logs based on type of event: security, system, and application logs.
    Event Viewer
  12. Arrangements of physical or logical disks that ensure data remains accessible, if one disk fails, without requiring a restore from backups.
    Fault-tolerant disk configurations
  13. Groups meant to be used in more than one domain; used to group users together who require access to similar resources.
    Global groups
  14. Exceptions that occur when a program needs data that must be called back into memory from its storage space on the hard drive. Large numbers of ___________ slow system performance.
    Hard page faults
  15. A backup type that copies all files modified since the last full or incremental backup; this type marks files as backed up.
    Incremental backup
  16. A windows server 2000/2003 client/server application that creates a smart backup copy of a windows system. Users can access all files, applications, and customizations on their desktops on any other windows machine that can establish a working connection to the _______ server storing their desktop images.
  17. Help pages in linux/unix that are available for most commands and applications.
    Man pages
  18. A windows NT and windows 2000/2003 server network service that you can use to capture network frames based on user-specified criteria, such as a software analyzer.
    Network Monitor
  19. A backup type that copies all selected files and marks files as backed up.
    Normal backup
  20. A system component or resource that's accessible to a user program in windows, such as the CPU on a system or the IP protocol. Each component in windows server 2000/2003, XP, and Vista is considered a(n) ______
  21. A windows 2000/2003/XP tool used for graphing trends based on performance counters for system objects.
    Performance Monitor
  22. A method of cleaning the power input, removing noise caused by other devices on the same circuit.
    Power conditioning
  23. Data streams unbroken by header information
    Raw data
  24. Two or more drivers on a network server that provide fault tolerance (through disk mirroring or disk striping with parity).
    Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID)
  25. A user profile in a windows environment that's stored on a server and can be accessed from any computer the user logs on to.
    Roaming profile
  26. Connections between a network server and another node.
    Server sessions
  27. Exceptions that occur when data must be called back into a program's working set from another location in physical memory. ________ take less time to address than hard page faults.
    Soft page faults
  28. Power protection that evens out spikes or sags in the main current and prevents them from affecting a computer.
    Surge protection
  29. A windows monitoring tool that provides a quick summary of server and network performance
    Task manager
  30. A power protection device that includes a battery backup to take over if the main current fails. Usually incorporates power conditioning and surge protection.
    Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
  31. Groups available in Active Directory that can contain users from any domain in the active directory structure and be assigned permissions and rights to any resource I active directory.
    Universal groups
  32. Data that a program actively uses at any given time. A _____ is only a small subset of the total amount of data a program could use.
    Working set
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