1. algorithm
    Set of well-defined Steps for performing a task or solving a problem.
  2. 2 Methods of Programing
    Procedural programming & Object-oriented programming.
  3. Object
    programming element that coontains data and actions
  4. Attributes
    data contained in an object
  5. Properties
    Visual Basic - an object's attribute
  6. Methods
    The actions that an object performs
  7. OOP
    Object-Oriented Programming - An industry standard model for designing and coding programs.
  8. Form Objects
    Form also contains numerous other objects.
  9. Event-driven
    Is an action that takes place within a program, such as clicking of a control.
  10. Event Procedure
    Is a method that is executed when a specific event occurs.

    (is you wish for a control to respond to a specific event, you must write a special type of method know as an event procedure)
  11. why change the name of a control form
    When the programmer wishes to manipulate or access a control in a programming statement, he or she must refer to the control by its name. - (Name Property)
  12. a)default name first given to the firstBox control
    b)first label
    • a)textBox1
    • b)label11
  13. General guidelines
    1. The first three letters of the name should be a lowercase prefix indicating the control's type.

    ex. lbl , txt , btn

    2.The first letter of the prefix should be uppercase.

    3. the part of the control name that appears after the three-letter prefix should describe the control'spurpose in the application

    ex. btnCalcGrossPay
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