China Test

  1. the high point was
    the middle period
  2. golden age
    people were happy and good
  3. downfall:
    invasion by outside foreigns
  4. name 4 things the Shang Dynasty did
    • Made advances in metal work
    • cities of 40,00 to 50,000 people
    • developed metallic currency (coins)
    • had a king, loyalty to king
  5. name 4 things the Chou Dynast did
    • use currency of Shang
    • used burial customs, and written language
    • "classical period of china"
    • era of confucius
  6. who was the Sui Dynasty's emperor
  7. name 3 things the Sui Dynasty did
    • Rebuilt infrastructure- enabled future dynasties
    • to flourish
    • Began Exam System
    • Built storehouses for extra grain
  8. what infrastructure did the Sui Dynasty build
    • imperial Canal
    • repaired the great wall
  9. what is the imperial canal
    connects yellow and yangtze river
  10. What was the Sui Dynasty Exam System based on
  11. why did the Sui Dynasty build storehouses?
    to keep people from starving
  12. The Tang Dynasty was
    The golden age
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