Science ch. 10 test cards.

  1. Define Subduction.
    Where oceanic and continental plates collide, and the oceanic plate plunges beneath the less dense plate. As the plate descends, molten rock forms and rises to the surface, forming volcanoes.
  2. Define plates.
    Large sections of earth's oceanic or continental crust & rigid upper mantle that moves around on the asthenosphere.
  3. Define rift valley.
    Formed when continental plates pull apart.
  4. Define plate tectonics.
    Theory that E's crust & part of the upper mantle are broken into sections.
  5. Define asthenosphere.
    Plastic-like layer of the Earth on which the lithosphere plates float & move around.
  6. Define lithosphere.
    rigid layer of earth about 100 km thick, made of the crust and a part of the upper mantle.
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Science ch. 10 test cards.
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