chap 13

  1. cyst/o
  2. glomerul/o
  3. nephr/o ren/o
  4. noct/o
  5. olig/o
    little, few
  6. py/o
  7. pyel/o
  8. ur/o, urin/o
  9. ureter/o
  10. urethr/o
  11. electrolyte
    electricity conducting compound in solution
  12. glomerulus
    capillary network found inside each nephron
  13. hilum
    narrow part of the kidney where blood vessels and nerves enter
  14. nephron
    tiny structure w/in the kidney in which the urine production process begins
  15. perirenal fat
    fatty tissue around the renal capsule
  16. renal fascia
    protective outer covering of the kidney
  17. retroperitoneal
    space between the parietal peritoneum and the muscles and bones of the pertoneum
  18. sphincters
    circular muscles that surrouns a tube such as the urethra and constricts the tube when it contracts
  19. urea
    natural waste product of metabolism that is excreted in urine
  20. ureters
    two tubes that xfer urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder
  21. urethra
    tube that conducts urine away from the bladder for expulsion
  22. uric acid
    natural waste porid of metab extreted in urine
  23. urinary bladder
    termporary storage receptacle for urine
  24. void
    to urinate
  25. albuminuria
    presence of protein in urine
  26. aniura
    absence of urine formation
  27. calculus
    kidney stone
  28. cystalgia
    • pain in bladder
    • inflam of bladder
    • hernia of the bladder
    • bladder stone
  29. dysuria
    difficult or painful urination
  30. enuresis
    bed wetting
  31. glomerulonephritis
    renal disease
  32. glycosuria
    urinary excretion of carbs
  33. hematuria
    urinary excret of blood
  34. incontinence
    cant control urine
  35. nephralgia
    pain in the kidneys
  36. nephritis
    inflam of kidney
  37. nephrolithiasis
    presence of recal calculi
  38. nephro - megaly

    enlargement of kidney

    disease of kidney
  39. nephroptosis
    prolapse of the kidney
  40. nocturia
    excessive urination at night
  41. oliguria
    dimisnished urine production
  42. polyuria
    excessive urine production
  43. pyelonephritis
    inflammation of renal or kidney pelvis due to local bacteria infection
  44. renal calculus
    kidney stone
  45. renal failure
    impairment of renal func
  46. renal hypoplasia
    underdeveloped kidney
  47. uremia or azotemia
    an excess of urea in the blood
  48. ureteritis
    inflammation of a ureter
  49. urethralgia
    urinary tract infection
    • -pain in the uretra
    • inflam of ""
    • narrowing ""
    • infection of any part of UT
  50. catheter
    flexible tube that enables passage of fluid from or into a body cavity
  51. cystectomy
    excision of the urinary bladder
  52. cystopexy
    surgical fixation of the urinary bladder
  53. dialysis
    filtration to remove colloidal particles form a fluid; artificial kidney function
  54. hemodialysis
    removal of unwanted subs from the blood
  55. lithotripsy
    treatment in which a stone in is broken inti small particles
  56. nephrectomy
    removal of a kidney
  57. nephrolithotomy
    incision into the kidney to remove a calculus
  58. ureteroplasty
    surgical repair of a ureter
  59. ureterorrhaphy
    suture a ureter
  60. ureteroscope
    instrument used to visually examine the ureter
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