Media Law Ch2

  1. John Milton
    • truth will always prevail.
    • Milton believed in the Market place of ideas, with some limitations. lies, or evil negative things should be limited.
  2. Market place of ideas
    • Milton
    • -idea that there should be freedom of speech so that all ideas have a chance to be heard, considered and compete for attention and believers.
  3. Stationers company
    • required licensing and registration of printing presses.
    • -Kings wanted to stay king...this allowed for him to control the media.
  4. John Locke's Social Contract Theory
    • the government were the servants of the people, not the other way around.
    • GOvernment should safeguard natural rights.
    • (right to life, liberty and property of ownership...freedom of expression)
    • ***Led to the end of the licensing system***
  5. Seditious Libel
    the crime of criticizing the government or government officials.
  6. Attorney general v. Zenger
    • German publisher charged with seditious libel.
    • good lawyer-hamilton
    • not guilty, but set no precedent.
    • Hamilton asked the jury to ignore the precedent of "the greater the truth, the greater the libel" because that is not a crime.
  7. Sedition Act
    • made it a federal crime to speak or publish seditious ideas about the government.
    • Overturned by Jefferson when he became president.
  8. Hamilton Doctrime
    concept that truth should be a libel defense.
  9. 14th Amendment
    safeguards the basic civil rights of their residents.
  10. Schenck v. U.S.
    • Leaflets to soldiers encouraging not to enter the draft.
    • Holmes...Court ruled on clear and present danger
  11. Clear and Present danger test
    first amendment protects freedom of speech as long as that speech doesn't present a clear and present danger to others.
  12. Abrams v. U.S.
    • leaflets to soldiers not to join draft.
    • Holmes decision based on the precedent of clear and present danger.
    • Convicted because not joining the draft aids the enemy, which is a danger.
  13. Gitlow v. New York
    • Gitlow arguing that the state laws should protect the liberties protected in the bill of rights.
    • 14th amendment!!!
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