1. Define Continental Drift.
    The hypothesis that continents have moved slowly to their current locations.
  2. Define Strike-slip Fault.
    Break in rock caused by shear forces, where rocks move past eachother without much vertical movement.
  3. Define Pangea.
    The large landmass that all continents were connected to. "all land"
  4. Define Reverse Fault.
    Break in rock caused by compressive forces, where rock above the fault surface moves upward relative to the rock below the fault surface.
  5. Define Alfred Wegener.
    He suggested that all the continents were joined together at some time in the past (pangea)
  6. Define Mesosaurus.
    An ancient reptile whose fossils were found.
  7. Define Convection current.
    The currents in earth's mantle that transfers heat in earth's interior and is the driving force for plate tectonics.
  8. Define Glossopteris
    The hypothesis of continental drift.
  9. Define convergent boundary
    where plates push against eachother.
  10. Define Sea floor spreading.
    Theory that new seafloor is formed when magma is force upward torward the surface @ mid-ocean ride.
  11. Define Diverent Boundary.
    Where plates pull apart.
  12. Define Harry Hess.
    He came up with the theory of seafloor spreading.
  13. Define Ttransform Boundary.
    Where plates slide past eachother.
  14. What is a Magnetometer?
    it is used to detect magnetic fields.
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