Politics & Reform Movements in Gilded Age

  1. What were the major complaints of farmers in the late 19th century
    High Inflation
  2. Why was Interstate Commerce Act passed and what did it do?
    Due to public pressure. 1st law to regulate interstate commerce.
  3. Why did farmers favor inflation?
    It gave the farmers a break?
  4. Why did bankers support deflation?
    It makes the money that gets repaid worth more.
  5. What did the Republican Party platform include?
    Eastern farmers, protestants, purity crusaders, Nativists, high tariffs, supported businesses
  6. What did Democratic Party platform include?
    Government should NOT interfere with business. Low tariffs. Inflation. Immigrants(Non-protestants)
  7. What policies did the Grande, Farmers' Alliances and the Populists support?
    Populism - Increases farmers' political power. Grange - Helps farmers. Farmers Alliance - Forces farm prices up to make loans to farmers at low interest rates.
  8. How did American Presidents treat business and industry during the Gilded Age?
    They Appealed to BOTH Democratic and Republican parties.
  9. Why did William Jennings Bryan lose the election of 1896?
    McKinley dealt with a more important issue than silver money.
  10. What were the goals of the social gospel and settlement movements?
    Improve city conditions using Biblical ideas of Charity and Justice
  11. What were the aims of prohibitionists and purity crusaders?
    Limit alcohol consumption. Eliminate vagrants/prostitutes and create a "Good" society.
  12. How did settlement houses help poor city dwellers?
    Residents provided proper care to the poor.
  13. What were the common goals of prohibitionists and purity crusaders?
    Create a Clean society
  14. Why did Jacob Coxey lead a march on Washington, D.C.?
    "Petition in Boots" demanding that US give money to create jobs for unemployed.
  15. The American Protective Association
    Stops Catholic Immigration
  16. Compulsory Education
    Certain amount of education required for each student
  17. Niagara Movement
    W.E.B. Du Bois and 28 African American leaders met at Niagara Falls demanding African Americans full political rights.
  18. Plessy v. Ferguson
    Plessy challenged Judge Ferguson because Plessy could not ride on train with the whites
  19. NAACP
    Goal was to make all people equal.
  20. Distinctions in the policy approaches of W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington
    Washington argued that African Americans focus on their education rather than politics
  21. Artistic influence of African Americans; minstrel to ragtime
    Ragtime music had patterns of African American music
  22. What caused newspapers to do sensational reporting?
    William Randolph Hearst competing against Joseph Pulitzer
  23. What professions did women mainly find work?
    Servants, teachers, nurses, sales clerks, secretaries. They get paid less.
  24. Lifestyle changes for women at the turn of the century
    WTUL (Women's league) to promote women's labor issues.
  25. What were the popular amusements found in American cities in the late 1800s?
    Physical Sports such as basketball. Animal acts, acrobatics, ragtime music
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