Acceleration and Momentum

  1. What is Newtons 2nd Law of Motion?
    A net force acting on an object causes the object to accelerate in the direction of the force
  2. If you dropped a bowling ball and marble from a bridge at the same time, which would hit that ground first and why?
    Both. Because acceleration from gravity would be exactly the same.
  3. What is air resitance?
    The force air exerts on a moving object.
  4. Would air resistance have more effect on a feather or a bowling ball?
    A feather.
  5. complete this sentence;
    In the case of a falling object____
    air resistance pushes up as gravity pulls down.
  6. What four things does air resistance depend on?
    speed.size.shape. and the density of the object.
  7. What is terminal velocity?
    the highest velocity that will be reached by a falling object.
  8. What two forces are involved in terminal velocity?
    Gravity and air resistance.
  9. If your playing basketball, should you aim above the hoop, below the hopp, or right at the hoop? why?
    Above. If you throw it above it will begin to fall down to the ground and go into the hoop.
  10. What is a projectile?
    Anything thats thrown or shot through the air.
  11. What is the definition for horizontal motion?
    motion parallel to the Earths surface.
  12. What is the deinition for vertical motion?
    A motion perpendicular to Earths surface.
  13. What is the acceleration due to gravity on earth?
    9.8m/s squared
  14. What is centripetal acceleration?
    Towards the center of a curved or circular path.
  15. What activity uses centripetal acceleration and explain how it uses it.
    Tetherball. Its constantly accelerating.
  16. Are astronauts REALLY weightlee in space? Why or why not?
    No. Falling @ same rate as everything around them.
  17. What is Newtons third law?
    When one object exerts a force on a 2nd object, the 2nd one exerts a force on the 1st that is equal in size and opposite in direction.
  18. Complete this sentence:
    Action reaction forces always act on_____
    OTHER. they never perform action on themselves.
  19. What are the action and reaction forces involved in launching a rocket?
    Thrust, gravity and air friction.
  20. What is momentum?
    A property a moving object has do to its mass and velocity,
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