Political Science: Liem

  1. The House of Representatives
    • 435 Members
    • 2 Year Terms
    • Initiates revenue bills, more influential on budget
    • House rules committee
    • Limited debates
    • Institutionalized, More along party lines
  2. The Senate
    • 100 Members, 6 Year Terms
    • Advice and consent, foreign affairs
    • Unlimited debates
    • Filibuster
    • 60 number debate cloture
    • More equal in power
  3. OPB: Office of Personnel Management
    Federal office in charge of most of the government's hiring
  4. General Schedule Rating
    Rating for fed. employees which salaries can be keyed to experience
  5. Current Chief Justice
    John Roberts
  6. Political Questions
    Means of the federal courts to avoid deciding some cases
  7. Statutory Construction
    Judicial interpretation of an act of Congress
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