Geog ch 13

  1. a group of countries that presents a common policy when dealing with other countries
  2. a customs union within which common laws create similar conditions of production
    common market
  3. an area of relatively shallow water that surrounds most continents before the continental slope drops more sharply to the deep sea floor
    continental shelf
  4. a free-trade area that enforces a common external tariff
    customs union
  5. a bloc of european countries enjoying free trade and who are committed to eventual full political union
    European Union (EU)
  6. an international territory having no internal tariffs, but that give its members the freedom to set their own tariffs on trade with the rest of the world
    free-trade area
  7. the internationally guaranteed right of the ships of one state to pass through the territorial waters of another on their way to a third
    innocent passage
  8. an organization that coordinates activities among 2 or more countries
    international organization
  9. a definition of the percentage of the total value of a good entering one country that must have been added in the second country for that product to qualify as a product of the second country
    local content requirement
  10. a factory in mexico specializing in assembling items for export to the US market
  11. a plan of financial aid for the economic rehab of Europe after WWII; named for US secretary of state George C Marshall
    Marshall Plan
  12. organized international interest groups that cross state boundaries and put pressure on the existing governments of states
    nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)
  13. a military bloc founded in 1949. its membership and activities have expanded significantly, bringing its very purpose into question
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  14. an organization that exercises power over countries
    supranational organization
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