American Experience: World War One

  1. Which veteran of the Spanish American War was put in charge of the US troops during WWl?
    General John J Pershing
  2. What is the Selective Service Act?
    Authorized a draft for young men for military service
  3. What was the American Expeditionary Force (AEF)?
    The volunteer and National Gaurd portion of US troops
  4. In what four ways did American Women serve in the military?
    nurses, drivers, clerks, civilians working for gov't abroad
  5. What is the Convoy System?
    A group of unarmed ships are surronded by torpedo ships.
  6. Why were the American Expeditionary Force called doughboys?
    Referenced the dumpling shaped buttons on infantry uniforms.
  7. What is the significance of the 369th Infantry Regiment?
    They were black and recieved France's highest combat metal.
  8. What impact did Russia exit from the war have on the fighting?
    Germans could now focus on just fighting French and British.
  9. What two technological advances helped bring the war to an end?
    • 1) the tank
    • 2) airplanes used to drop bombs
  10. Why is Corporal York considered such an American hero?
    After the rest of his division were killed or taking cover, he continued the attack by himself.
  11. What were Liberty Bonds? Who helped sell them?
    • They were special War Bonds sold to support Allied cause
    • Boys and Girl Scouts, famous actors and others all helped to sell them.
  12. How did industry contribute to the US war effort?
    Made war materials
  13. How did food administration contribute to the US war effort?
    Food was administered to war effort. Women were encouraged to ration food for the family.
  14. How did fuel administration contribute to the US war effort?
    Gasless days were sponsered to save fuel. This was how Daylight Savings Time was invented.
  15. What impact did war have on American immigrants? (three things)
    • It generated calls for restriction on immigration.
    • Literacy test was set up.
    • National Security League preached 100% Americanism.
  16. How was hatred of Germans acted upon in America? (four things)
    • Germans were called Huns
    • German musicians were banned from symphony concerts
    • Hamburgers renamed liberty sandwich
    • A German born citizen was lynched after trying to inlist in army
  17. What is the Espionage Act?
    It became illegal in interfere with the draft.
  18. What is the Sedition Act?
    It is illegal to obstuct sale of liberty bonds, or say anything bad about the American gov't, constitution or army.
  19. Who was Eugene Debs?
    A socialist who got a 10 year jail sentence forcritizing American gov't and urging people to resist militarism.
  20. Who were vigilantes and what did they do?
    Citizens who take the law into their own hands. They lynched and horse-whipped members of the IWW and others who would not comply with unjust laws.
  21. How the war benefit African- Americans?
    With so many able bodied young men away at war, there were lots of spot previously not available for African- Americans open.
  22. How did the war benefit women?
    Women could also find jobs not usually available to them.
  23. Why was the 18th Amendment passed during the war years?
    To show patriotism because the grain used to make alcohol could be used to feed soldiers.
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