New World Colonization

  1. Why did the Spanish come to the New World?
    • new land, empires for spanish noblemen
    • gold and other riches
    • convert natives to Catholicism
  2. Where did the Spanish settle?
    • Mexico
    • large sections of South America (except Brazil)
    • Caribbean islands - Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
    • SW region of US/Florida
  3. What religion were the Spanish?
  4. What were some of the Spanish cities established?
    • Mexico City
    • Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
    • St. Augustine, Florida
  5. Why did Portugal seek to settle in the New World?
    land (felt threatened by Spain and France in Europe)
  6. What was Portugal's main religion?
  7. Where did Portual settle?
  8. What was the name of Portugal's main settlement?
    Rio de Janeiro
  9. Why did the Dutch settle in the New World?
    • to develop trade opportunities
    • to create a self-sufficient and profitable settlement
  10. What religion were the Dutch?
  11. Where did the Dutch settle?
    • New York state, along the Hudson River
    • east coast of South America (Guiana)
    • some Caribbean islands (Aruba, St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles)
  12. What were some major Dutch settlements?
    • Ft. Orange, later called Albany
    • New Amsterdam, now New York City
  13. Why did the French come to the New World?
    • to find the Northwest Passage to the east/new trade routes and opportunities
    • French Jesuits come to convert the natives to Catholicism
  14. Where did the French settle?
    • Canada
    • Appalachian Mountains
    • Great Lakes area
    • Gulf of Mexico
    • Caribbean islands (Haiti, Martinique)
  15. What were some of the French's major settlements?
    • Quebec and Montreal
    • New Orleans and Baton Rouge
    • Detroit and St. Louis
  16. What religion were the French?
  17. Why did the Swiss come to the New World?
    because everybody else was!
  18. Where was New Sweden established?
    along the Delaware River
  19. What was one of the major colonies of the Swiss?
    • Ft. Christian, now Wilmington, Delaware
    • New Castle
  20. What religion were the Swiss?
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