chabner ch 13

  1. plasmapheresis
    removal of plasma from the rest of the blood by mechanical means (centrifuse)
  2. leukopheresis
    removal of WBC from the rest of the blood by centrifugation
  3. plateletpheresis
    removal of platelets from the rest of the blood by centrifugation
  4. monoblast
    immature WBC (monocyte)
  5. erythroblast
    immature RBC
  6. macrocytosis
    abnormal condition (slight increase in numbers) of macrocytes (RBC that are larger than normal)
  7. microcytosis
    abnormal condition (slight increase in numbers) of microcytes (RBC that are smaller than normal)
  8. leukemia
    abnormal condition of WBC (increase in number of malignant cells)
  9. hemoglobin
    blood protein in erythrocytes; enables the cell to carry oxygen
  10. immunoglobin
    protein (antibody produced by plasma cells) that acts to protect the body by destroying antigens
  11. thrombolytic therapy
    treatment that destroys blood clots
  12. myeloid
    derived from bone marrow
  13. thrombosis
    abnormal condition of clotting
  14. granulocyopenia
    deficiency of granulocytes (WBC)
  15. pancytopenia
    deficiency of all blood cells
  16. macrophage
    large cells (in blood and tissue) that eat (engulfs) other cells; derived from monocyte
  17. eosinophelia
    increase in numbers of eosinophils
  18. neutrophilia
    increase in numbers of neutrophils
  19. electrophoresis
    separation of proteins in a solution by using an electric current (used to seperate protein fractions of serum, urine, or cerebrospinal fluid)
  20. hematopoiesis
    formation of blood cells
  21. erythropoiesis
    formation of erythrocytes
  22. myelopoiesis
    formation of bone marrow
  23. hemostasis
    stoppage of the flow of blood
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