chabner ch 12

  1. basopil
    WBC with dork staining granules that have an affinity for basic dyes
  2. hypochromic
    pertaining to deficiency of color (reduction of hemoglobin in RBC)
  3. anticoagulant
    a substance that works against coagulation (blood clotting)
  4. coagulopathy
    disease of the clotting process
  5. cytology
    the study of cells
  6. eosinophil
    WBC with large dark staining granules that have an affinity for acid dyes. granules turn red (eosin)in the presence of dye
  7. erythrocyopenia
    deficiency of RBC
  8. granulocyte
    WBC with large, dark staining granules in its cytoplasm
  9. hemolysis
    destruction of blood cells
  10. hematocrit
    seperation of blood; percentage of RBC in a given volume of blood
  11. hemoglobinopathy
    disease of abnormal hemoglobins (sickle cell anemia, thalassemia)
  12. anisocytosis
    abnormal condition of unequal size of cells (erythrocytes)
  13. megakaryocyte
    cell with multiple large nuclei. immature platelet
  14. leukocytopenia
    deficiency of WBC
  15. monocyte
    WBC with one large nucleus; an agranulocyte and phagocyte
  16. morphology
    study of shape or form (of blood cells)
  17. myeoblast
    bone marrow cell that develops into a myelocyte and then a leukocyte
  18. myelogenous
    pertaining to formed in the bone marrow
  19. neutropenia
    deficiency in neutrophils
  20. mononuclear
    pertaining to WBC with one large nucleus (monocyte or lymphocyte)
  21. polymorphonuclear
    pertaing to a WBC with a multilobed nucleus (neutrophil)
  22. phagocyte
    cell that ingests other cells or microorganisms
  23. poikilocytosis
    irregularity in the shape of RBC
  24. sideropenia
    deficiency in iron in serum
  25. spherocytosis
    abnormal condition in which erythrocytes assume a spheroidal (rounded) shaper
  26. thrombocytopenia
    deficiency of clotting cells
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