Chabner Ch 11

  1. Adenoidectomy
    removal of adenoids
  2. Adenoidal hypertrophy
    excessive development (enlargement) of adenoids
  3. Alveolar
    pertaining to an alveolus
  4. Bronchospasm
    involentary contraction of muscles in the wall of the bronchial tubes
  5. Bronchiectasis
    dialation of bronchial tubes
  6. Bronchodilater
    a substance (chemical or drug) that widens bronchial tubes to make breathing easier.
  7. bronchiolitis
    inflammation of the bronchioles
  8. bronchopleural
    pertaining to a bronchial tube and pleura or pleural cavity
  9. hypercapnia
    excessive carbon dioxide in the blood
  10. pneumoconiosis
    abnormal condition of dust in the lungs
  11. cyanosis
    condition of bluish coloration of skin caused by decrease oxygen in the blood
  12. epiglottitis
    inflammation of the epiglottis
  13. laryngeal
    oartaining to the larynx
  14. laryngospasm
    contracting of the muscle of the larynx
  15. laryngitis
    inflammation of the voice box
  16. lobectomy
    removal of a lobe (of a lung)
  17. mediastinoscopy
    visual examination of the mediastinum
  18. paranasal sinuses
    pertaining to the spaces in the skull that are near, alongside the nose and nasal cavities.
  19. nasogastric intubaton
    tube place from the nose to the mouth
  20. orthopnea
    breathing discomfort in any position but erect, sitiing, or standing straight
  21. hypoxia
    deficiency of oxygen (anoxia) due to decresed oxygen in the blood
  22. expectorant
    expulsion of material (phlegm or mucus)
  23. pharyngeal
    pertaining to the pharynx
  24. dysphonia
    difficult (abnormal voice) hoarseness or any voice inpairment
  25. phrenic nerve
    nerve carrying messages from the brain to the diaphragm
  26. pleurodynia
    pain associated with inflammation or irritation of the pleura (or pain from intercostal muscles)
  27. pleural effusion
    fluid collects in the pleural cavity (space)
  28. pneumothorax
    air within the pleural cavity surrounding the lungs
  29. pneumonectomy
    removal of the lung
  30. pulmonary
    pertaing to the lungs
  31. rhinorrhea
    discharge from the nose
  32. rhinoplasty
    surgical repeair of the nose
  33. sinusitis
    inflammation of the sinuses
  34. spirometer
    instrument used to measure breathing (the air taken into and exhaled from the lung)
  35. expiration
    the expulsion of air from the lungs
  36. respiration
    breathing (inspiration and expiration)
  37. atelectasis
    incomplete expansion of a lung (collapsed lung)
  38. thoracotomy
    incision of the chest
  39. thoracic
    pertaining to the chest
  40. tonsillectomy
    removal of the tonsils
  41. tracheotomy
    incision of the trachea
  42. tracheal stenosis
    pertaining to narrowing of the trachea
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