1. sin of omission
    not doing an action that is called for
  2. sin of commission
    purposely doing an action that is harmful to oneself or another
  3. venial sin
    an action that weakens our relationship with God
  4. mortal sin
    gravely violates God's law; a complete break with God
  5. two images of sin; explain
    • hardness of heart- a heart of stone is a closed attitude of selfishness and attitude
    • missing the mark- "off center" same term used in archery for missing the bulls eye. Ultimately as Christians our goal is God
  6. 3 elements that must be present for mortal sin
    grave matter, full knowledge, complete consent
  7. original sin
    wounded at our very core, subject to error, and have a tendency toward evil as we exercise our freedom
  8. 3 sources of morality; explain
    • object-what we do; the act itself (good or bad)
    • intention-the motive or purpose or end for we chose to do the act
    • circumstances- the acts, consequences and the context in which it is done
  9. Catholic morality summarized as moral act
    For an act to be morallygood and acceptable, the object, intention, and the circumstances must all be good.
  10. vice
    a bad habit that inclines us to do evil
  11. theological virtues
    faith, hope, love
  12. cardinal virtues; what does cardinal mean?
    the virtue that all the other virtues hang upon; cardo- hinge
  13. 3 theories of evil
    • 1: evil is a seperate reality
    • 2: evil is the absence of good
    • 3: evil is the result of deliberate human choice
  14. moral evil
    those things caused by people that are deliberately harmful to others, working against the basic well-being of human persons
  15. natural/physical evil
    those things that result in physical harm to human beings from the workings of nature and the operations of natural laws and forces.
  16. social
    ramification in society of the presence of moral evil
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