Ch. 15

  1. self-fulfilling prophecy
    an idea that comes true simple because one believes that it will
  2. Bio:
    • - have more concerns about health
    • 1. losing a parent
    • 2. Changes in the body are more apparent
    • 3. experiencing more health problems
    • - Basal metabolism rate: the minimum amount of energy an individual tends to use when in a resting state
  3. Vision:
    • - cant adapt to sudden changes in intensity of light
    • - decrease in the ability to focus on nearby objects
    • - decrease in the ability to detect certain colors
  4. Hearing:
    • - certain tones are harder to detach
    • - decrease in ability to understand speech
  5. Menopause
    symptoms are affected by expectations / attitude
  6. Menopause
    • - climacteric: refers to a relatively abrupt change in the body, brought about by changes in hormonal balances
    • - 40's-50's
    • -climacterium: loss of reproductive ability only to women
  7. Gail Sheehy:
    coalescense: 2nd adulthood, no pregnancies, having integration and balance, and liberation
  8. Male Change of life:
    • - hormonal changes on appearance, and physical and emotional state ae unclear
    • -There is NO male menopause.
  9. Does intelligence Decline in middle age?
  10. J.L. Horn:
    a. yes in some ways and no in others
  11. Fluid- info processing
    • a. you see a slowing down, decline as you get older
    • b. directing affecting the CNS
    • c. reaction time
    • d. on the spot reasoning
    • e. think
    • f. reason
    • g. influenced by genetics
  12. Crystalized-
    • a. does not decline
    • b. verbal
    • c. culture
    • d. accumulated
    • e. application of knowledge
  13. Baltes:
    • 1. Dual Process model
    • a. mechanics: genetics
    • b. pragmatics: culture/memory
  14. Baltes
    • Learning:
    • a. speed of response
    • b. motivation: may not be as great
  15. Work:
    a. recareer
  16. Family:
    • a. elderly parents
    • b. empty nest- kids in college
    • c. married children - grandkids
  17. Midcareer Crisis:
    • a. stage that some persons go through in middle age during which they come to question their career and personal goals and dreams
    • - work division
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