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  1. Cogeneration
    reducing energy waste
  2. Gross National product
    Total national outout of goods and serives valued at market prices including net export and private investments
  3. Conservation
    A strategy to reduce the use of resources especial through increased efficiency reuse recycling and demand
  4. Geothermal energy
    primarlily comes from magma molten rock beneath the earths surface. constantly regenerated rate of renewal is slow, over exploitation could deplete this resource.
  5. Surface water- " surface water supply the bulk of freash water"
    three fourths of our daily water supply comes from lakes rivers adn streams.
  6. Drought-" when rain fall is 70% below average for a period of 21 days or longer"
    A sesere drought results in a decrease in stream flow, sometimes a complete cressation of flow and a drop in the level of lakes streams and resevoires.
  7. Hydrological cycle-"global recycling network"
    runs days and night free of charge collecting purifying and distributing water.
  8. Evaportion- "ensures water cycle and serves important biological functions
    when water molecules escape from surface water soil and plants becoming suspended in air.
  9. Absolute humidity-"atmosheric moisture"
    number of grams of water in kilograms of air. "if you extracted a sample of air and removed its water" absolute humidity
  10. Relative humidity -"Atomspheric moisture"
    the amount of moisture present in the air compared with the amount it could hold it fully saturated, at any given temp.
  11. water table
    the upper level of groundwater
  12. salt water
    the movement of salt water from marine aquifiers into freashwaster aquifiers.
  13. groundwater
    water belowthe earths surface in teh saturated zone
  14. evapotranspiration
    the loss of water from the soil and leaves
  15. Transpiration-"Evaportion loss of water from leaves"
    *surface water* evaportion of the water from leaves draws water and dissolved nutrients up from the roots throhgh stems to help nourish plant cells.
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