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  1. name five countries which have current and projected water shortage conditions
    india, china, pakistan, egypt, iran, mexico
  2. state the number of people currently fed with grain produced by using unsustainable water?
    (480 million) (6 billion ppl)= 8% of pop
  3. state the proportion of the world's water use which is used for irrigation, industry and
    10% residential , 70 irrigation, 20 industry
  4. compare the profit realized by the use of 1000 tons of water for agriculture compared to the
    same amount of water used by industry.
    $200 porfit in agricultural= 10,000$ industrial
  5. describe how the consumption of livestock for food changes the amount of water required per
    person as compared to the consumption of grain.
    4 times more grain, 4 times more water
  6. describe how importing food can be compared to importing water
    • 1 ton of grain= 1,00 tons
    • ex. 7million of wheat= 7 billion tons of water
  7. describe four solutions proposed in this paper for the current unsustainable water use situation.
    • 1. Eliminated of water subsides
    • 2. raise the price of water to reflect its cost
    • 3. stablize pop
    • 4. raise water producitivy
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