IT Abkuerzungen

  1. ISA
    Industrial Standard Architectur
  2. MCA
    Micro channel Architectur
  3. EISA
    Extended Industrial Standard Architectur
  4. VESA
    Video Electronic Standards Association
  5. PCI
    Peripheral Component Interconnector
  6. AGP
    Accelerated Graphics Port
  7. SCSI
    Small Computer System Interface
  8. USB
    Universal Serial Bus
  9. URL
    Uniform Resource Locator
  10. ASCII
    American Standard code for Information Interchange
  11. ISO
    International Standartisation Organisation
  12. CPU
    Central Processing Unit
  13. POST
    Power on self test
  14. ROM
    Read only Memory
  15. CMOS
    Cemplementary Metal Oxid Semicontroller
  16. BIOS
    Basic Input Output System
  17. GUI
    Graphicel User Interface
  18. CLI
    Command Line Interface
  19. ALU
    Arythemtic Logic Unit
  20. CU
    Control Unit
  21. CISC
    Complex Instruction Set Computer
  22. RISC
    Resuced Instruction Set Computer
  23. FIFO
    First in first out
  24. LILO
    Last in Last out
  25. FILO
    First in Last out
  26. LIFO
    Last in First out
  27. RAM
    Random Access Memory
  28. SIMM
    Single Inline Memory Modul
  29. DIMM
    Double Inline Memory Modul
  30. DRAM
    Dynamic Random Access Memory (needs refreshes to hold data)
  31. EDO
    Extended Data Out
  32. SDRAM
    Synchronous Dynamic RAM
  33. DDR
    Double Data Rate
  34. RDRAM
  35. DIM
    Dual Inline Memory
  36. EPP
    Extended Printer Port
  37. ELP
    Extended Compressed Port
  38. PS2
    Personal System 2
  39. SAS
    Serial Attached SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)
  40. WORM
    Write one Read Multiple
  41. DVD
    Digital Versatile Disc
  42. CD
    Compact Disk
  43. OCR
    Optical Charakter Recognation
  44. IDE
    Integrated Device Electronics
  45. ATA
    Advanced Technology Attachment (with Packet Interface)
  46. DVD-RW - CD-RW
    -Rewrite able
  47. DVD-R - CD-R
  48. CGI
    Common Gateway Interface
  49. MTBF
    Mean Time between Failure
  50. MTBC
    Mean Time between Crash
  51. MTTR
    Mean Time to Repair
  52. ADSL
    Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  53. DSL
    Digital Subscriber Line
  54. ISDN
    Integrated Services Digital Network
  55. COM
    Communication Port
  56. USB
    Universal Serial Bus
  57. LPT
    Line PrinTer
  58. LIF
    Low Instertion Force
  59. ZIF
    Zero Insertion Force
  60. PGA
    Pin Grid Array
  61. LGA
    Land Grid Array
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IT Abkuerzungen
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