World geography

  1. Sugar Act
    lowered taxes on molasses.
  2. Stamp Act
    placed a tax on all printed material, including newspapers, wills and playing cards. All printed material had to have a stamp
  3. Townshend Act
    • tax on glass lead paper and tea
    • taxation without representation
  4. Proclamation of 1763
    • Forbade colonists to settle west of the Appalacian Mountains
    • King George sent 10,000 british troops to enforce the proclamation.
    • Collonists feared that British soldiers would take their freedom and they would have to pay for it
  5. Declaration of Independence
    • The document where America declares their independence from england
    • John Hancock-first signer of the decaration of independence
    • signed on July 4, 1776, 56 signers
  6. First Continental Congress
    • Colonists began to work together to protect their collective rights.
    • decisions:Boycott british trade, endorse the Suffolk Resolves, four militias.
  7. Second Continental Congress
    • authorized printing of money
    • set up a post office
    • established committees to communicate with Native Americans
    • created to Continental Army to fight against British
    • chose George Washington to be the army's commander
    • sent a petition called the Olive branch petition
  8. Quartering Acts
    • This act required people to give soldiers a place to stay.
    • Colonists had to provide food, candles, beer, and transportation for troops
  9. Intollerable acts, Coercive Acts
    • closed Boston harbor
    • made colonists pay for the ruined tea
    • banned town meetings
    • forced Bostinians to shelter soldiers in their own homes
  10. Tea act
    allowed the British East India Company a virtual monopoly of the trade for tea in America.
  11. Olive Branch Petition
    • It assured the king of the colonists' desire for peace and asked him to protect the colonists' rights.
    • George III refused to recieve the Petition
  12. Common Sense
    • Written by Thomas Paine
    • In the published pamphlet he called for complete Independence
    • This Pamphled greatly influenced opinion throughout the colonies.
  13. Boston Tea Party
    • The Sons of Liberty dressed as indians boarded ships loaded with tea and dumped 342 chests of tea into the water.
    • December 16
  14. Boston Massacre
    • a mob of colonists harassed british troops, taunting them and throwing sticks and snowballs.
    • The british shot at them and killed five men
  15. Lexington and Concord
    • British army planned to seize stores of clonial gunpowder and arms
    • A shot was fired by an unknown person
  16. Battle of Bunker Hill
    • Don't shoot untill you see the whites of their eyes
    • Colonists were low on ammo and gunpowder
    • British had 1,000 dead and wounded
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