1. Bipolar disorder is a ________________ disorder
    Manic depressive
  2. True/false: bipolar disorder is a short term illness.
    False, it is long term
  3. When does bipolar disorder usually develop?
    Late adolescence or early adulthood~ about the age of 20 for men and women
  4. What are the different classifications for bipolar disorder?
    Bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, and cyclothymia
  5. What are the possible causes of bipolar disorder?
    Biochemical, genes, environment
  6. What is the range of behavioral emotions for bipolar disorder?
    Severe depression to severe mania (highs and lows)
  7. What are a few signs and symptoms of mania?
    Increased energy, euphoria, spending sprees, poor judgement, increased sexual drive (there are numerous more...see ppt)
  8. How are manic episodes diagnosed? What must be present if the mood is irritable?
    If elevated mood occurs with three or more symptoms most of the day, nearly every day, for one week or longer. Four additional symptoms must be present for mood to be irritable
  9. What are some of the signs and symptoms of a bipolar depressive episode?
    Lasting sad, anxious, or empty mood; feelings of hopelessness or pessimism; sleeping too much or insomnia... (there are numerous others, see ppt for full description)
  10. How is a depressive bipolar episode diagnosed?
    If five or more of these symptoms last most of the day, nearly every day for a period of two weeks or longer
  11. Schizophrenia is impairments in the __________________________.
    Perception or expression of reality
  12. What are the most common hallucinations associated with schizophrenia?
    Auditory... Paranoid or bizarre delusions
  13. What effect does schizophrenia have on speech and thinking?
    Causes disorganized speech and thinking
  14. What is the brand name for lithium? What are side effects?
    Lithonate, Lithotabs, Lithobid; hand tremor, nausea, mild thirst may occur initial therapy
  15. What is the brand name for Quetiapine? Most common side effects?
    Seroquel; Somnolence, dizziness, constipation
  16. What is the brand name for Risperidone? Most common side effects?
    Risperdal; extrapyramidal symptoms, insomnia, agitation
  17. What is the brand name for Olanzapine? Most common side effects?
    Zyprexa; somnolence, agitation, insomnia
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