Things to remember

  1. Where is the L2 cache located on a pentium system?
    Mounted on the motherboard next to the CPU. Acts as a backup to L1 cache and prevents wait-states.
  2. What are the system requirements for Windows Vista Ultimate?
    800 MHz processor, 521M MB of RAM, 20 GB hard drive with 15 GB space free, super VGA compatible video card, and a CD-ROM drive.
  3. A printer prints a test page from the printer, but it will not print from Windows printer icon. Which of the following is the problem?
    The driver is corrupted.
  4. How can you get a print out of the system configuration on a Windows XP operating system?
    From the device manager, click the Printer icon.
  5. With the advent of Mac OS X, Mac versions 9.2 and earlier are referred to as?
  6. When Windows XP has been installed on a computer and no changes have been made to any files and folders, what are the file extensions that would show under Windows Explorer?
    • INF
    • DLL
    • INI
  7. The 802.11 standard specifies which of the following authentication processes?
    • Shared key authentication
    • Open system authentication
  8. What is the maximum supported distance of a single firewire segment?
    15 feet without using hubs or repeaters.
  9. In Mac OSX (10.3) which interface replaces the traditional Control Panels?
    System Preferences.
  10. What common wireless transmission method can cause all-band interference?
  11. For a new laptop battery to be most effective it is recommended that it be fully charged and fully discharged several times? (T/F)
  12. What are the advantages of FAT32 over FAT16
    • Faster file access
    • Reduced cluster size
    • Increased logical drive size
  13. What type of port is an RS-232 port?
  14. What processors are supported by a socket 7 MB?
    • AMD K5
    • Pentium 2.5-3.5 V
    • AMD K6
    • Pentium MMX 233
  15. On today's motherboards the Northbridge chipset controls the communication between the CPU and what?
    • Memory
    • PCI bus
    • AGP bus
    • PCIe bus
  16. What is another name for the AMD Socket A?
    Socket 462
  17. A USB device that allows the connection of keyboards, monitors, and printers to a laptop.
    Port replicator
  18. Back-end processing is performed by?
  19. What function does System monitor allow a user to perform?
    Tracks performance of memory, cpu, and hard drives as it is happening.
  20. Name two things that a DSL router will do by default.
    • Block all access
    • Override the ISP assigned DHCP address
  21. What is the first thing you should do if you cannot adjust your display above 640 x 480 resolution?
    Update the device drivers.
  22. What three things could cause a problem when two types of memory modules are used on a motherboard (i.e. two simms and one dimm)?
    • BIOS is not set to read both types of memory.
    • You need to update or upgrade your BIOS.
    • The motherboard may only support one type of memory at a time.
  23. What type of current is used to power the LCD on a laptop?
    Low voltage DC
  24. How is the drum erased during the cleaning phase of the laser print cycle?
    A set of LED's totally expose the drum, erasing the image on it.
  25. What wireless standard provides the highest level of interoperability?
  26. What is used to configure internet explorer to establish a connection with the internet?
    The New Connection Wizard.
  27. What are three things that can protect your network from outside invaders?
    • Packet-Filtering Routers
    • Proxy Servers
    • Firewalls
  28. What is the quickest way to reassure someone that network data is secure from other users?
    Log in as another user and have them attempt to access the data.
  29. Name three types of profiles that can be used on a Windows 2000 Professional PC.
    • Roaming
    • Local
    • Mandatory
  30. What are two tools that can be used to view services that are currently running in Windows 2000?
    • Net Start
    • Computer Management
  31. What is the quickest backup method that requires the least amount of backup storage space?
  32. What are three things that have been added in Windows XP SP2?
    • Windows Security Center
    • Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker
    • Internet Explorer Information Bar
  33. Which routing protocol embeds the MAC address in the network-layer address?
  34. The process of writing information to the security log is known as?
  35. Error Log Full can be resolved by?
    Clearing all events in the Event Viewer.
  36. Which tab of the system configuration utility is used to view programs that are started automatically at boot-up?
  37. How many bytes are in a hard drive sector?
  38. What files systems are supported by Windows XP?
    • FAT 32
    • NTFS
  39. What is the default port for FTP?
  40. An unsecured user account would be considered what type of weakness?
    Configuration Weakness
  41. There are typically two parts to a CGI script. What are they?
    • An HTML page that feeds the input to an executable.
    • An executable program on the server.
  42. Erratic, faint, or uneven printer can be resolved on a dot-matrix printer by?
    Replacing the ribbon.
  43. What device checks the transmit and receive functions of a local modem?
    Local digital loop back test.
  44. What is the first thing to check when an expansion board has been installed and the computer continuously locks up when booting?
    Check to make sure the new card is properly seated.
  45. How do you access the recovery console after booting from the windows installation CD?
    Type "R"
  46. What does the error message "invalid media type" usually mean?
    The drive/disk has not been formatted after it was partitioned.
  47. Windows calls the files critical to a successful OS load the _____.
    System State Data
  48. What key is used to bypass applications that are configured to start automatically?
  49. What is event viewer an example of?
    Server log
  50. The printer isn't connecting to the server on login. What can you use to find the problem?
    Server logs
  51. Which registry subkey contains information about software and the way software is configured?
  52. How many channels must exist between two 802.11b frequency bands in order to avoid channel overlap?
  53. What type(s) of cable can be used to network two PCs together?
    • Serial
    • Parallel
  54. After an "out of memory message" is displayed when a user tries to print. A technician checks and there is plenty of space on the hard drive. What is causing this error?
    System needs more free memory (memory upgrade)
  55. How do you make the start menu appear from in a program that covers the whole screen?
    CRTL + Esc
  56. What Version of windows XP can windows NT 4.0 be upgraded to?
    Windows XP Professional
  57. How do you turn off/on system restore?
    System Properties, System restore tab, "Turn off system restore" checkbox
  58. One physical drive is partitioned into C and D. Adding a second drive and creating a primary partition on it makes the drive letter?
    D, assigns alphabetical drive letters to primary partitions first, then others.
  59. Which windows recovery option uses a floppy (startup disk)?
  60. How do you repair the system from a boot sector virus?
    Start the recovery console, type FIXBOOT at the command prompt and press enter. Then answer "Y".
  61. What causes Non system disk or disk error?
    The system files are not on the hard drive.
  62. Applications in Windows XP run in which operating system subsystem?
    User Mode
  63. How often should you run defrag?
  64. What is the common help file extension in Windows XP?
  65. A small credit card sized device that you carry around with you in order to gain access to secure systems is referred to as a:
    Security Token
  66. Where is a wireless DMZ located?
    On the firewall or router.
  67. What provides support for various authentication methods including smart cards, certificates, kerberos and one-time passwords?
    EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)
  68. What two things satisfy 2-Factor Authentication?
    • Something you know (password, D.O.B., pet's name)
    • Something you have in your possession (smart card, token)
  69. What are two types of broadband internet access?
    • DSL
    • Cable
  70. Is an access point full duplex or half duplex?
  71. What IEEE standard specifies Ethernet networking?
  72. What IEEE standard defines CSMA/CD?
  73. After connecting a home computer to a cable modem and router, how should you restart the individual components?
    Modem, Router, PC
  74. What two transmission methods are used/supported by IEEE 1394?
    • Isochronous
    • Asynchronous
  75. The ability to use FTP verifies which transport protocol is functioning?
  76. What is the minimum cable type for 10BaseT networks?
    Cat 3
  77. Ethernet networks can use which two topologies?
    • Bus
    • Star
  78. What is the minimum cable type for 100BaseTX networks?
    Cat 5
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