1. What is a visual pattern?
    A principle of design in which the repetition of one or more elements form a recognizable organization.
  2. What are the two main functions of pattern in art and design?
    helps organize or unify an area or object and provides visual enrichment and interest.
  3. To capture the viewers attention what might an artist do?
    create a strong and colorful pattern of large shapes
  4. To produce a more reserved or refined effect what might an artist do
    choose a subtle, muted pattern of small or close-knit elements.
  5. What is a motif?
    The two or three dimensional unit that is repeated to form a pattern.
  6. Every patten- whether natural or manufactured- involves the repeated placement of a basic unit, is called a ______ ?
  7. Many of the motifs in fabric, weavings, and everyday objects have been borrowed or adapted from patterns in ____ and ______.
    plants and animals
  8. Artists sometimes even use actual plant materials to press into clay or to print designs on paper. Careful observation of patterns in nature will _________________________________.
    help you transfer those impressions to your own creative work.
  9. How do most people bring variety and interest to their surroundings
    By adding decorations
  10. List a few examples of pattern in manufactured designs
    Pattern is an important aspect of the decorative things that we buy and make, it is the fabric of a pillow, the design of a rug or blanket, or the way that objects are displayed on a shelf.
  11. List examples of industries that use pattern
    graphic artists, landscape architects, filmmakers, and fashion designers, including the manufacturers and designers of almost any product.
  12. What is a planned pattern?
    (precise, regular repetition of motifs,) or consistent, orderly repetition of motifs, wether found in nature or created by an artist.
  13. Name the type of planned patterns
    Planned patterns include row, grid, half drop, radial, alternating, bands and borders.
  14. Where are planned motifs seen?
    clothing, wrapping paper, jewelry, architectural surfaces, and in nature
  15. Why might an artist pair a small planned pattern with a large, plain area or combine 2 patterns?
    To achieve contrast and balance within a design
  16. What patterns often clash?
    bold patterns or patterns whose motifs are of similar size dominance will often clash.
  17. When you create planned patterns, you have to give special thought to what?
    materials, motifs, and the way you repeat the motifs.
  18. What are rows
    The simplest pattern, which is achieved by repeating the motif in a single row or along several similar rows or columns.
  19. how is a grid pattern formed?
    by intersecting vertical and horizontal lines or shapes. Similar to rows, the motifs in a grid are usually spaced at equal or roughly equal intervals.
  20. An overall grid pattern provides what?
    equal emphasis throughout the design
  21. what is a half-drop design?
    A specific kind of row pattern with the vertical orientation of each row evenly spaced to half the height of its preceding row, and with a shifted horizontal position.
  22. Designs made simply of linear or grid patterns can be ___ and _____
    rigid and monotonous. To make a more complicated or interesting design, an artist might manipulate the placement of motifs within a pattern.
  23. A half-drop design creates a pattern that seems to have a _____ movement.
  24. Describe alternating patterns
    they are similar to half-drop, but are much less rigid. they are not limited to equally spaced rows or similar elements. The space between rows may change, or each row may contain a different number of motifs. Motifs may vary in size, shape, color. It may also use a linear grid that design that combines two different motifs
  25. Describe radial patterns
    based on a branching out from a central point. The motifs occur at regularly spaced intervals. They are generally active and structurally sound.
  26. Some radial patterns have an explosive quality. What does this mean? What feeling does this allow artist to convey?
    They speed up our eye movement as we trace the motifs that move outward, inward, or around the pattern. They give artists the opportunity to convey dynamic movement and contrast. Small bursting patterns may be contrasted with large, slowly accelerating radial designs.
  27. Why was Michaelangelo was known as one of the most talented artists of all time?
    because he was a sculptor, painter, poet, and architect.
  28. radial patterns of similar size may be combined to create what pattern?
    overall tie-dye pattern
  29. What is fresco
    a technique of painting with pigment on walls of wet plaster
  30. What effect does borders and bands have on a design?
    they can make a composition visually stronger. They may add a color, shape, or texture that will add contrast and interest. They can also lend elegance and individuality to a design.
  31. What is a random pattern
    the repetition of an element or elements in an inconsistent or unplanned way. A pattern created by chance or without an orderly organization.
  32. What conditions often make random patterns more expressive and visually exciting than planned patterns.
    random patterns usually have nonuniform surfaces and asymmetrical compositions, and they may also contain irregular or unusual elements.
  33. The lack of a rigid plan often contributes a feeling of ____ or____ to the design.
    wildness or energy
  34. give an example of a manufactured and a natural pattern?
    a brick wall and a printed piece of material. Ex. of natural patterns are ripples in sand dunes and the radial arrangement of petals on a flower.
  35. Explain how other cultures have influenced Navajo blanket weaving.
    The spanish introduced sheep for wool, European-style treadle looms, and European dyes. The Pueblo taught the Navajo to weave on upright looms. The Navajo adopted Pueblo dyes and decorative patterns.
  36. What type of pattern did Michalangelo use in his design for the Campidoglio pavement in Rome?
    The Campidoglio pavement is in a radial pattern design.
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