Ch 12

  1. dysmenorrhea
    pain and tension
  2. metrorrhagia
    irregular uterine bleeding between cycles
  3. menorragia/hypermenorrhea
    profuse or prolonged bleeding
  4. endometriosis
    functional endometrial tissue outside the uterus.
  5. vaginitis
    inflamation of the vagina
  6. uterine fibroids
    benign tummor
  7. adnexa
    accessory parts or structure; ovaries, fallopian tubes
  8. menarche
    beginning of menstrual function
  9. retroversion
    state of being turned back; uterus
  10. eclampsia
    toxemia during pregnancy
  11. gravida
    pregnant women
  12. primigravida
    woman pregnant for the first time
  13. parturition
    process of giving birth
  14. primipara
    woman given birth to first live child; para 1
  15. amniocentesis
    ultrasound guided puncture of amniotic sac with needle to remove amniotic fluid
  16. laparoscopy
    visual exam on the abdomen using a laparoscope
  17. chorionic villus sampling
    placenta sampling for diagnosis of potential genetic defects
  18. papanicolaou (PAP) test
    cell sample to diagnose cervical cancer
  19. mammography
    radiographic exam of soft breast tissue
  20. ultrasonography
    picture using high frequency sound waves from "echos" off of tissue
  21. hysterectomy
    excision of the uterus
  22. lumpectomy
    removal of small breat tumor
  23. mastectomy
    excision of the breast
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