Mosey's Activity Group

  1. The OT uses a short term activity to observe the patients interpersonal and response to the patients interpersonal and response to the activity. The specific areas of function which are evaluated are determined by the frame of reference that is applied.
    Intervention is not planned during this evaluation experience.
    Evaluation Group
  2. A group which has a tangible outcome, (end product or service).
    Learns form his interactions with others and the activity
    Increases awareness and understanding of himself and other patients. he learns interpersonal skills, practice new behaviors, and explores the interaction of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that occur.
    The occupational therapist helps the patient process the activity experience and actively seeks to change the patient’s behavior through the group interaction that occurs.
    Task Oriented Group
  3. This is a group in which the patient learns group interaction skills through sequential, stage specific activities.
    The therapist uses activities which are graded from simple to complex and short term to long term in order to provide progressive challenges which require collaborative effort, the ability to complete, and increased independence in problems solving and task completion.
    Developmental Group
  4. Group in which the therapist uses purposeful activities to help the patients gain knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for function in a protective environment.
    The patient learns ADLs, work, and leisure skills through didactic, directive, and supportive experiences.
    Thematic Group
  5. Group in which the patient learns to independently use in the community the knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained in a protective environment.
    2 Types: Anticipatory & Concurrent
    During these groups the OT may prescribe activities and facilitate discussion of role expectations, identify the knowledge and skills needed to identify problems and promote brainstorming and skill practice for solving problems.
    Topical Group
  6. Group in which the OT uses activities to maintain the patient's present level of function and to promote an optimum level of health
    Instrumental Group
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