social studies 7th grade

  1. what is nationalism?
    pride in your country
  2. who is simon bolivar?
    the leader of independence movements in colombia,venezuela, panama, and peru
  3. what was miguel hidalgo?
    a father
  4. what was bismarck's policy for government?
    that decisions should be made blood and iron not throught speeches
  5. what type of colony was mexico
    spanish colony
  6. what 2 places were leads of the latin american independece movements inspirred by
    american and french
  7. the revolution in haiti was a _____ uprising
    slave uprising
  8. who was the leader of the unification of germany
    otto von bismarck
  9. what were the laws created by napoleon ?
    nnapoleonic laws
  10. what characteristic might the people who have nationalism share?
    culture, language, back ground, music, ect
  11. who is the leader of the mexician revolution
    father miguel hidalgo
  12. who is the leader of the unification of italy
    king emmaneul ll
  13. the name of the italian army
  14. what type of colony was haiti
    french colony
  15. how did napoleon increase nationalism in france
    winning many wars getting frances out of dept ect
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social studies 7th grade