Bio test 3

  1. Mendal's law of segergation
    2 alleles for a trait separate when gametes are formed
  2. How many phenotypes can be produced by a pair of codominat allels
  3. In bacterium cell divison takes place when
    the DNA is copied and a new cell wall forms between the DNA copies and the cell splits into 2 cells
  4. The following shows the correct sequence
    • G1-- S-- G2-- M-- C
    • S--G2--M--C--G1
    • G2--M--C--G1--S
    • M--C--G1--S--G2
  5. Cell growth: G1
    Dna copying: S
  6. Difference between anaphase in mitosis and anaphase I of meisois is that
    chromatids do not seperate at the centromere in anaphase I
  7. A ____ is a segment of a DNA molecule that carries the instruction for producing a specific trait
  8. Whaat are monohybrid and dihybrid crosses?
    • MONO- using a single trait with two alleles
    • DI- using two traits with two alleles each
  9. Why are most sexlinked disorders in males
    Males have chromosomes X and Y, if the sex linked trait is on the X there is nothing to counter act it but in females, they have 2 Xs so one would be the dominat and the desise is the recieve
  10. 2 advantages of asexual reproduction over seual reproduction
    • 1. quick
    • 2. only needs one parent
    • 3. affective in stable enviorment
  11. 2 reasons why it was fortunate tht mendel used peas
    • 1. Easy to identify characteristics
    • 2. mating can be easily controlled
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